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How an advertising agency can start with myTarget

Requirements for ad agency
To start working with myTarget as an advertising agency, you must fulfill the following requirements:
  • company and site at least 1 year,
  • you have at least two clients ready to be placed in myTarget,
  • you have at least two specialists,
  • you are ready to pass full-time or correspondence certification on the knowledge of the service myTarget.
Agent account registration
If all requirements are met, you can register an agent account. For this:

1. Choose to register with myTarget as an advertising agency.
2. Fill in the details of the legal entity. Requisites will be checked by financial moderator - it usually takes no more than one working day. When the details are confirmed, you will receive a letter to the email, which was specified during registration.
Registration of non-residents
If your agency is a legal entity non-resident of the Russian Federation, then the paper version of the contract is not provided. In this case, the representative of the advertising agency accepts the offer, after which it opens the full functionality of the advertising office.

If necessary, upon request you can sign with us a paper version of the acceptance of the offer for non-residents. To do this, send a request in free form to the address mytarget.agency@corp.my.com.
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