Moderation Rules

All advertising materials placed in myTarget must be in congruence with the law of Russian Federation and VK's advertising policy. You can read the main placement conditions below.
The service's management reserves the right to reject any ad or suggest changes.

Prohibited categories

Advertising goods and (or) services, the production and (or) sale of which are prohibited by Russian Federation law, or that violate VK's internal advertising policy, are prohibited, including:

1. Explosive substances and materials, except fireworks.
2. Online earnings.
3. Casinos, betting, all games of chance and gambling.
4. Pyramid schemes.
5. Political advertising, except for election campaigning, which shall be placed in compliance with all the applicable legislation requirements.
6. Alcohol and products containing alcohol.
7. Tobacco, tobacco products and smoking accessories, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette paper, lighters, e-cigarettes, ashtrays, cigarette cases.
8. Prescription drugs, prescription contraceptives and the ones that can be used only with special knowledge (e.g. intrauterine devices).
9. Abortion.
10. Narcotics, psychotropic substances and accessories.
11. Purchase and sale of human organs and (or) tissues.
12. Weapons, including self-defense, recreational, hunting and signal weapons.
13. Illegal software, books, music or films.
14. Counterfeit goods (copies, replicas).
15. Witchcraft, healing, etc.
16. Erotic products and services.
17. Selling services by SMS, paid subscriptions.
18. Advertising of services for the preparation and writing of final qualifying works, scientific reports on the main results of prepared scientific qualification works (dissertations) and other works provided for by the state system of scientific certification or necessary for students to undergo intermediate or final certification.

Allowed with restrictions

The law imposes advertising restrictions on a list of certain goods and services. If advertised goods or services belong to this category, we may request a scanned copy of documents that confirm compliance with legislative provisions.

1. Online-stores (distance selling)

On the advertised site in the "Contacts" section, as well as in the ad (in the "Legal information" field or on the image/video itself; on the 1st picture or on the all of them in the"Carousel" format) there should be clearly posted following information about the seller of the goods:
  • Name, legal address and Primary State Registration Number
  • Full name and Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor
  • Full name, Individual Taxpayer Number and address of the place of service for a self-employed person

2. Drugs and health care products

2.1 Scanned copies of the following must be provided to the project's management before the ad is placed: basic prescription information; certificate of conformance and declaration of conformance; registration certificate (for medical devices).

Scanned copies of the following documents must be provided in respect of the products commercialized after November 29, 2019:
  • package leaflet
  • marketing authorization
  • manufacturer's passport/certificate of conformity of medicinal product batch/lot to the requirements of regulatory documentation
  • confirmation of conformity of the imported medicinal product to the requirements prescribed at its state registration, provided by the qualified person of the pharmaceutical manufacturer (in respect of any products manufactured at domestic manufacturing sites) or the responsible person of the entity importing the medicinal product into the Russian Federation and authorized by a foreign pharmaceutical manufacturer.

2.2 Ads for drugs and health care products shall not:
  • be directed at minors;
  • contain links to specific cases of cures or improvements in people's health as a result of taking the advertised object;
  • contain expressions of thanks by individuals who have used the advertised object;
  • promote the advantages of the advertised object by referencing studies required for state registration of the advertised object;
  • contain assertions or assumptions that the ad's consumers have certain diseases or medical conditions;
  • give a healthy person the impression that taking the advertised object is necessary (except drugs used to prevent diseases);
  • give the impression that there is no need to see a doctor;
  • guarantee the benefits, safety, effectiveness and absence of side effects of the advertised object;
  • present the advertised object as a biologically active additive and dietary supplement or another product that is not a drug;
  • contain assertions that the safety and effectiveness of the advertised object are guaranteed because of its natural origin.

2.3 Advertising drugs in forms and doses dispensed by prescription and advertising health care products that require special training to use are prohibited.

2.4 The advertising of distance selling of pharmaceutical products necessitates sending a scanned copy of the license to transact pharmaceutical business and the authorization of the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) to be engaged in distance retail trade in human medicinal products.

3. Medical care (medical institutions)

3.1 Scanned copies of a license to practice medicine and attachments thereto shall be provided to the project's management before the ad is placed;

3.2 Ads for medical care shall not:
  • contain links to specific cases of cures or improvements in people's health as a result of taking the advertised object;
  • contain expressions of thanks by individuals who have used the advertised object;
  • promote the advantages of the advertised object by referencing studies required for state registration of the advertised object;
  • contain assertions or assumptions that the ad's consumers have certain diseases or medical conditions.

In some cases, a letter of assurance that the placement and content of the ads do not violate the laws of the Russian Federation, including the Federal Law "On Advertising", must be provided for moderation.

4. Biologically active additives, dietary supplements and baby foods

4.1 Scanned copies of the following shall be provided to the project's management before the ad is placed: certificate of conformance; registration certificate.

4.2 Ads for biologically active additives, dietary supplements and baby foods shall not:
  • give the impression that they are drugs and (or) have healing qualities;
  • contain links to specific cases of cures or improvements in people's health as a result of using these additives;
  • contain expressions of thanks by individuals who have used these additives;
  • urge rejection of a healthy diet;
  • promote the advantages of the advertised additives by referencing studies required for state registration of these additives, or use the results of other studies as a direct recommendation for using these additives.

4.3 Ads for baby foods shall not represent products as full replacements for mother's milk or contain assertions of the advantages of formula feeding for children.

4.4 Ads for products intended for use as replacements for mother's milk and products included in a child's diet in the first year of life shall contain information on the age limits for using these products and a warning of the need to consult specialists.

5. Financial services

5.1 Banking, insurance and other financial services

5.1.1 Ads shall contain the name of the legal entity or person providing these services (company name for a legal entity; full name for an entrepreneur).

5.1.2 Ads for banking, insurance and other financial services shall not:
  • contain guarantees or promises of future performance (return on investments), including those based on actual figures in the past, unless this performance (return on investments) can be determined at the time the corresponding contract is signed;
  • conceal other conditions on provision of the corresponding services, which affect the amount of returns that persons using the services will receive, or the amount of expenses that persons using the services will incur, if the ad states even one such condition.

5.1.3 Loans: if an ad contains even one condition affecting their cost, the ad shall also contain the remaining conditions that determine the actual cost of the loan for the borrower and affect it.

5.2 Asset management and trust asset management (securities, investment reserves of shareholders' investment funds, mutual funds, pension reserves of non-governmental pension funds, pension savings, mortgage collateral, savings for veterans housing)

5.2.1 Ads for asset management and trust asset management shall contain:
  • the source of the information, which must be disclosed according to federal law;
  • information on the place or address (telephone number) where interested parties may review asset management conditions prior to signing a contract, obtain information on the entity managing the assets, and other information that must be provided in accordance with federal law and other regulations of the Russian Federation.

5.2.2 Ads for asset management and trust asset management shall not contain:
  • undocumented information, if it is directly related to asset management;
  • information on the performance of asset management, including changes in performance, on comparison in the past and (or) present that is not based on calculations of return determined in accordance with regulations of the federal executive body for financial markets, and to the extent permitted by federal law, in accordance with regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • information on guarantees of reliability regarding potential investments and consistency regarding the amounts of potential income or expenses associated with said investments;
  • information on possible benefits associated with asset management methods and (or) other activities;
  • statements on the possibility of achieving future performance of asset management similar to the performance already achieved.

5.3 Ads for raising funds from individuals for housing construction are not allowed, except ads for raising funds under a shared participation construction agreement, ads of housing and housing construction cooperatives, and ads for raising funds from individuals for buying housing and use of the funds by housing savings cooperatives.

Ads for raising funds from shared construction participants for construction (development) of apartment buildings and (or) other real estate properties shall contain information on the place and means of obtaining the project statement stipulated by federal law.

Ads for raising funds from shared construction participants for construction (development) of an apartment building and (or) another real estate property are not allowed:
  • before issuance of the appropriate construction permit for an apartment building and (or) other real estate property, publication of the project statement in the media and (or) in public information and telecommunications networks (including the Internet), state registration of the ownership or leasehold rights to land provided for construction (development) of an apartment building and (or) another real estate property that will include shared construction projects;
  • during a period of suspension in accordance with federal law of the developer's operations related to raising funds from shared construction participants for construction (development) of an apartment building and (or) another real estate property.

5.4 Ads for raising funds from individuals for buying housing and use of the funds by a housing savings cooperative shall contain:

  • information on the procedure for members of a housing savings cooperative to cover their losses;
  • information on entry of the housing savings cooperative in the register of housing savings cooperatives;
  • the address of the site in public information and telecommunications networks (including the Internet) where information on the housing savings cooperative is disclosed;
  • Guarantees of terms for the purchase and construction of housing by this cooperative are not allowed in ads for raising funds from individuals for buying housing and use of the funds by the housing savings cooperative.

6. Social advertising

Social advertising means information distributed by any method in any form and using any means that is targeted at the public in general and aimed at achieving charitable goals and other goals for the public good, and serving the government's interests.

  • References to specific brands (models, articles) of goods, trademarks, service marks and other means of individualizing them, or to individuals and legal entities are not allowed, except as provided by law. References to sponsors shall take up no more than five percent of the ad platform (space) in social ads distributed through the Internet. These restrictions do not apply to references in social ads to government bodies, other government agencies, local government bodies and municipal bodies that are not part of local government bodies, to community-focused non-profit organizations, or to individuals experiencing hardship or in need of treatment, for the purposes of assisting them.

7. Advertising weight loss remedies, methods and services

In order to advertise weight loss remedies, methods and services in myTarget, you must:
  • sign a contract with myTarget on behalf of a legal entity, pay for the ads from the legal entity's account, and have all the necessary permits (licenses, certificates).
  • The licenses and certificates shall be issued to the legal entity that signed the contract with myTarget.

8. Jewelry and other household goods made of precious metals and natural precious stones, and scrap from these products

Scanned copies of the certificate confirming the seller's special registration in the assay office shall be provided to the project's management before the ad is placed.

You can review the complete list of restrictions and the complete list of goods and services subject to advertising restrictions in the Law "On Advertising".

9. Advertising promotional events

(lotteries, competitions, games, etc.)
Article 9 of the Federal Law "On advertising"

A promotional event is understood to include conducting a lottery, competition, game or another similar event, the condition for participation in which is purchase of a certain product or service.

The advertisement notifying about a promotional event is to state the following:
1) period of conducting such event;
2) source of information on the manager of such event, its rules, number of prizes or wins based on results of such event, place and procedure of receiving them.

Before distributing advertisements of promotional events, Rules of Conducting Promotional Events (or a reference to them) shall be provided to the project's management.

Terms of conducting the promotional event are to be stated in the DD.MM.YY format.

10. Dating

Dating users under age 18 is prohibited.

11. Advertising games

1. When advertising a game, the name of the game (in the text or in the image) must be indicated in the ad.

2. When advertising the game must be specified age restrictions.

3. The image must be from the advertised game.

12. Broker and dealer activities

According to the Federal Law "On securities market", January 1, 2016 implementation of the broker / dealer activities on the territory of Russia is possible only after the entry into CPO and a license Central Bank of Russia. You need provide the documents to the administration of the project to pass moderation.

Requirements for ads

1. Requirements for the title and text of an ad

1.1 The title and text of an ad shall be in proper Russian without errors, misprints and acronyms (except generally accepted acronyms).
  • An exception may be made for words (phrases) in a foreign language if these words (phrases) are commonly used abbreviations (e.g. USB, ADSL) or trademarks / service marks (e.g. Danone, iPhone). If a trademark (service mark) is not commonly used, scanned copies of the trademark registration certificate shall be provided to the project's management before the ad is placed.

1.2 An ad title shall not end with a period.

1.3 The text of an ad shall be consistent with the subject of the advertised site and describe the essence of the offer being promoted.

1.4 The text of the advertisement shall not contain any jargon, slang or excessively expressive vocabulary. It is prohibited to use coarse language, adults-only, and information about tragedies (e.g.: death, terrorist attack, murder).

1.5 The text of the ad may not be a continuation of the title.

1.6 In order to use people's full names in an ad, you must provide a certified scanned copy of their consent.

1.7 Use of the following is prohibited:
  • special symbols, c h a r a c t e r s p a c i n g, typing words in CAPITAL letters. An exception may be made for generally accepted abbreviations consisting of the first letters of the abbreviated words (KASKO, NII, etc.), abbreviations and trademarks are an exception;
  • meaningless intensifiers, such as: "Shock", "Sensation", "Hit", etc.,
  • email addresses, mailing addresses, ICQ numbers or identifiers for other online messaging systems;
  • more than 3 exclamation marks in a single ad (It is forbidden to put several exclamation marks in a row (for example, "Tomorrow discounts up to 80% !!!"). Posts in social networks: the number of exclamation marks is not limited.);
  • deliberate repetitions of words and phrases in the ad text;
  • messages using a full name;
  • html code
  • first-person narrative;
  • emoji.

1.8 Conditions for using calls to action:

A call may clearly and properly describe what the user must do after clicking on the ad (e.g. "Learn more", "Play in Moy Mir", "Buy now").
  • Using inappropriate language or forcing the user to perform an action (e.g. "Click here", "Kill them all", "I'm waiting") is prohibited.

1.9 Conditions for using superlatives:
  • in order to use superlatives in an ad's text ("best", "most", "number one", "the only effective", etc.), the user shall send the moderators a document prepared by a recognized third party organization confirming the stated properties of the goods or services. This document shall also be published on the advertised site.

1.10 Creating duplicate ads in the same campaign is prohibited. An ad with a title, text, pictures and advertised link identical to an ad already existing in this campaign is considered a duplicate.

2. Requirements for images in ads

2.1 The image shall correspond to the text of the ad and the subject of the advertised site;

2.2 It is prohibited to use the following images:
  • images that imitate the platform's corporate style/logo or interface elements;
  • images that irritate the eyes;
  • revealing, frightening or aesthetically unacceptable pictures (nude people; diseases, injuries, disasters etc.) and images of alcohol (including beer) or tobacco products or the process of consuming such products. The rule also applies to video ads;
  • images protected by copyright (without the right holder's permission);
  • flags, coats of arms, orders, symbols and signs of municipalities, religious symbols;
  • photographs or images of public figures (famous musicians, writers, athletes, leaders, etc.) without their personal written permission;
  • materials that offend cultural or religious sensibilities;
  • low quality images;
  • internet-memes;
  • imitating interface elements which mislead users regarding the ability to perform certain actions (e.g. clicking a button, ticking the box, etc.);
  • containing inappropriate comparison with goods or services offered by other companies;
  • containing a direct reference to the name, age or any other personal characteristics of users or information on sexual orientation, financial status, beliefs or other personal data (e.g. "Are you 25?", "Anna, it's only for you!").
  • image of banknotes.

2.3 When using the text in the image are prohibited irritating inscription on a bright background and unreadable inscriptions. The text should not exceed 20% of the total area of the image.

2.4. If you are advertising a mobile app you should download images that are part of graphics in this app. The image must be part of graphics of the application.

2.5. The image occupy the entire allotted area.

3. Requirements for an ad link

3.1. The link shall indicate the advertiser's own target page (advertised site). Redirects to other pages, servers, including meta redirects and traffic backs, are prohibited.

3.2 A link shall not go to:
  • an external social network;
  • to a closed community/group;
  • to an email address or file (including images, audio or video recordings and documents that can only be launched by using additional apps).

3.3. If the link goes to a site in a language other than the language of the ad, the text of the ad must give this information.

3.4. Only secure links are allowed in URLs to advertise mobile apps. All redirects and all landing pages must be https://.

Requirements for advertised sites

1. Availability for viewing: the advertised page/site shall open correctly on the browser and shall not contain script or program errors.
2. Advertising of the following pages/sites is not allowed:
  • pages/sites that are under development;
  • contain an error message;
  • making it difficult for a user to leave the advertised page/site (e.g. blocking the "back" button on the user's browser);
  • use pop-ups (including pop-ups launching a download) displayed when the user clicks through to the advertised page/site or leaves it;
  • that are doorways (pages created to redirect visitors to another site);
  • pages/sites primarily designed to display ads;
  • contain HTML frames that display content from other resources;
  • that are clones (containing content that is a copy of all or a significant part of the content of a site from another domain).

3. Altering site content after moderation is prohibited

4. myTarget supports redirects of the main statistics counting systems for mobile ads and for a number of affiliate programs. If you want to use a redirect not supported by our service, please contact our Support service.

5. Advertising mobile apps placed on external resources, except Google Play, App Store, RuStore or in Windows Phone, is prohibited in mobile ads.

6. It is prohibited to use js and meta redirects in links.

Requirements for advertised groups

Ads designed to advertise groups shall not:
  • look like an ad for specific goods rather than the actual group;
  • contain the words "buy", "order", etc. in the image;
Using a group as a transit page for selling goods on outside resources is prohibited.

User security and loyalty

Ads that may harm users or adversely affect their loyalty or the reputation of the platforms are not allowed in myTarget.

1. Misleading users

Ads that may mislead users about the consumer properties, quality and quantity of goods, or that contain false information or improper comparisons with goods from other manufacturers/sellers are not allowed, including:
  • ads that promise an unproven, fantastic or unrealistic effect from using the offered goods and services;
  • that contain unrealistic, unscientific assertions;
  • that use links to the results of scientific studies, when there are no such studies;
  • that claim to have a license, government certification, registration, etc. when such does not exist.

2. Protecting users' personal information

Ads for resources created to obtain users' contact information (e.g. in the guise of filling out a form, surveys, tests, receiving prizes, viewing or uploading videos, etc.) are prohibited.

3. User security

It is prohibited to advertise:
  • resources that install malware on the visitor's computer and sites that do not pass security checks of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers;
  • malware that employs users' computers or network resources to cause malfunctions, steal information, send spam, commit fraud and distribute malware;
  • sites that independently accept payments from users through SMS or request users' phone numbers;
  • sites that collect a user's confidential information without his or her consent.

4. User loyalty

The ad and the advertised site shall not contain information that:
  • may cause a backlash among users;
  • denigrates the honor, dignity or business reputation of persons or organizations.
Specify on the image a logo of mobile applications' shop according to the chosen targeting.
Information products ads (the mass media, movies, books, TV and radio, web sites) should be accompanied by an indication of the age category of persons to whom it is intended (in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation, "0+" "6+", "12+", "16+", "18+"). Advertiser has guaranteed the classification of information products and indication of age category, in accordance with the results of this classification. The advertiser is responsible for the correct determination of the age category of advertised information products.

Using scripts and other automation tools to work with the myTarget interface is prohibited. API services must be used to automate ad management. The number of active ads on an account shall be reasonably adequate or must maintain the appropriate cash balance on the account.

Rules of Quick Sale Service provision

This document describes the rules of, conditions and procedure for providing the Quick Sale advertising service offered by myTarget service (the "Service"). The meanings of some of the terms used herein are disclosed in the License Agreement for Youla Service (available at and myTarget Service Offer (available at

1. The Service provision will be conditional upon the Seller reviewing and fully consenting to the terms and conditions of myTarget Service Offer (available at

2. The Service will be provided for a fee, implemented through the use of functional capabilities of myTarget Service and represent an increase in the number of Ad impressions as compared with the basic number of impressions available to the Seller when the Advertisement is placed via the Youla Service. The Service scope will depend on the tariff selected by the Seller and the functional capabilities of the Youla Service.

3. The Service will be provided through the use of Impressions at designated locations inside the Youla Service (the "Space" and "Impression Location," respectively). The Space selection will depend on the tariff plan selected by the Seller (i.e., the Advertisement author) in the Personal Account (on the Service activation page).

4. Possible Impression Locations will include the product feed (homepage of the website or a section in a separate product category on the website), as well as search results at the request of the Buyer that may be interested in purchasing the Product in whose respect the Service is activated.

5. The impression algorithm for the Advertisements in whose respect the Service is activated will be determined by myTarget service ( Specifically, the audience to which Advertisements is shown will be determined based on the geo position, interests and purchase history of the Buyer viewing the Youla Service feed.

6. The frequency of Ad Impressions at the Impression Location will be determined by the Youla Service and may differ in the Youla application for mobile devices, on the website at and in the Youla application on the Odnoklassniki website (

7. The Service may only be available in respect of the Advertisements which fully conform to the Youla Service Rules available at and the requirements of applicable laws.

8. The Company will start rendering services to the Seller as soon as the Company receives payment for the Service in accordance with the tariff selected by the Seller and the Advertisement successfully passes moderation by the Youla Service.

9. As long as the Seller's Advertisement in whose respect the Service is activated remains inactive (due to a temporary blocking of the Advertisement or its unpublishing by the Seller), the Service provision will be suspended and resume after a reactivation of the Advertisement. Yet in any event the total period of Service provision, including the duration of blocking/unpublishing of the Advertisement by the Seller, will end once the product being advertised is sold, the Advertisement is unpublished and/or the already published Advertisement is modified (with regard to product category and/or region) and may not exceed 30 days from the Service activation.

10. In the event that the Advertisement is blocked by the Youla Service moderation due to its non-conformity to the Service Rules and/or the requirements of applicable laws, the Advertisement will be unpublished.

The scope and substance of the Service, as well as these Rules may be modified by the Company at any time without prior notice to the Seller, unless otherwise expressly provided in the applicable laws. Changes will come into force as from the date of publication of the restated Rules. The Seller undertakes to check these Rules on its own as to any amendments and supplements hereto.

Rules of Demonstrating Advertising Materials

1. Advertising materials shall be demonstrated in accordance with the settings of the Advertiser if it wins the auction.

2. The display of advertising materials in advertising spaces can be accompanied by the following mark: "myTarget", the myTarget icon, "Advertising". In view of the technical restrictions the mark may be reduced or may be absent.
myTarget icon
3. Advertising materials may contain images provided by the Advertiser, if they comply with the Moderation Rules and if the Advertiser is authorized to use them in advertising materials. For some technical reasons images in advertising materials may be displayed in part (in the cut form), may be covered by other elements of the advertising material or may be absent at all. The Advertiser agrees with it and assumes all guarantees and obligations specified in the Offer.

Company does not guarantee that any advertising material being demonstrated will be displayed with the image included in it. An advertising material shall be deemed to have been duly demonstrated (in accordance with the materials and information provided by the Advertiser and conditions of placement set by it) irrespective of the image chosen by the Advertiser being shown in the advertising material.
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