How does targeting work on myTarget?

Advertisers use targeting options based on audience data from social networks VK and OK.

When publisher sends us device /advertising ID with ad request we match it VK/OK user. That guarantees only relevant ads will be shown to the user.

Do I need to implement VK/OK login?

No, we just need to receive device/advertising ID. Besides from the integration steps indicated in the integration guide, no other libraries or setup is required.

What data do I need to pass to myTarget?

Device / advertising ID is required. Custom parameters like age and gender can increase eCPM and Fill rate. Please check "User Data" point in corresponding ad format help section.

What eCPMs and Fill rates can I expect for my app?

Those metrics heavily depends on the several factors – audience and advertisers it matches, ads implementation, etc. Please check the case study center to see how publishers doubled their eCPM and Fill rates.

What types of ads you support?

We support standard banners, interstitials, rewarded video, native ads, In-stream Video and Audio.

What platforms do you support?

We support iOS, Android and mobile web.

Do I have control over ads you send?

Basically it's the same ads as on our social networks VK and OK. Same moderation team premoderates all ads we send to publishers. Moreover you can set blacklists and filters in the dashboard.

Can I integrate myTarget with a mediation system?

We are integrated with all major mediation systems:
  • Mopub
  • Admob
  • MAX
  • Appodeal
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Adfox
To connect us to the mediation you are working with, add the myTarget adapter to the application code.

Can I monetize international inventory?

We are focusing on countries where we have enough data about our users to provide publishers with competetive rates. At this monent our main areas are Russia & CIS.

Do you have reporting API?

Yes, please check the help center.

How can I advertise my apps with myTarget?

Please sign up as an advertiser. We have separate help center for that.

How can I test the integration is working correctly before releasing my app?

It's important to make sure that everything is working properly until you submit app to the store. If your account and ad units are on moderation or you haven't provided financial details, you will receive only test ads. If they are approved, you should be getting live ads.

Does myTarget support Unity?

Yes, we do support Unity. You can download latest SDK there.

I cannot receive ads from myTarget – callback "onNoAd ". How can I fix it?

There are 3 main reasons for that:

  • The person never signed in VK and OK from his device.
  • The person selected "opt out of interest-based ads" in device settings.
  • We just don't have advertising campaigns for this person.

Is revenue earned by completed views, or based on installs?

We have advertising campaigns with different payment types: CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, oCPM.
Our system always selects the best (ie. in terms of money) possible campaigns for your users.

How to receive live ad?

Our advertisers target only users in Russia and CIS. We match users by advertising ID that's why need you to have our social networks apps installed on the phone.

Here is step-by-step instruction:

1.Download OK (Odnoklassniki social network) app on

2.Sign up at OK – it's free. Please set age 18+.

3.Download VPN app with Russia as supported country

Examples of VPN apps on

4.Sign up at VPN, select Russia and connect.

5.Once logged in OK app please scroll the feed until you receive an ad:

6. Now you will be able to receive live ads in your app on that particular phone. Do not forget about VPN.
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