Data Source: User Lists

You can set up ads to be seen only by customers who have already contacted your business. To do this, create a customer contact list and use it as a data source.

As contacts, you can use the email and phone numbers of customers that they left when they bought, or the id of users that you collected on your website or in the application.
List requirements
  • List size: from 2 000 to 5 000 000 unique items.

  • Record format: txt file, one item per line.

    • Phones and emails can be downloaded in encrypted form or in the open: myTarget will encrypt the data automatically.
    • Phones must be in the format [country code][region code] [number] without spaces or other characters: 79011234567
    • Emails should be specified in the format

  • Separator: line feed.

  • Encoding: UTF-8.

  • File weight: up to 128 MB.

List encryption
You can upload lists of phones and emails in encrypted form. To do this, convert them using the MD5 hash function (for example with MD5 Hash Generator), and then load the lists with hashes into myTarget.

You can also download phones and emails in clear form, and the system will encrypt them automatically. The data will be stored in the system in encrypted form.

How to download list
To download a list, click on "Audience" → "User Lists". Enter a name and select a list type. Download the file and add the list.
Select list type
The downloaded list of users will appear on the page. You can change the name of the downloaded list.

After that, configure the created segment.

Note that lists that you do not use for more than 60 days will be deleted and segments based on those lists are no longer available.
Statuses of coverage
The table on the "User list" page displays the list coverage — the number of users covered by the list for the full calendar week.

In the "Coverage" can have value:

  • number — the number of users covered during the full calendar week;
  • yellow number means that this is not the final data — coverage is still being calculated;
  • processing — at the moment there is a calculation of the size of the segment. This may take some time;
  • less than 1000 — lists where 0 to 1000 users were found last week. Please note these lists: it is likely that the downloaded data are out of date;
  • dash — the list has already been deleted.
How to edit the list
You can edit the downloaded list: add or remove users. For this:

  1. Create a file with list of users you want to add or remove. The file must have at least 25 items, txt format, separator — line feed. UTF-8 encoding, file weight up to 128 MB.
  2. Click the "Audience" → "User Lists". Select the action: add or remove users from the list.
  3. Then select the type of list you want to edit.
Edit the list
4. Enter the name of the list you want to edit.
5. Then download the file with the list of users you want to add or remove from the main list.
6. Click "Save". The changes will take effect within 24 hours.
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