Data source: Advertising campaigns

You can set up your ad to be seen only by people who have clicked or viewed your ad before. This targeting is useful if you want to re-target people who have already seen or clicked on your ad, or don't display ads to people who have already seen them.
In remote campaigns impression and click data is no longer available after 14 days. When you use these campaigns in remarketing, your audience will be reset.
To set such a target, create a data source "Advertising campaign", and segment at its base.

To add a data source, open the "Audiences" tab → "Advertising campaigns", select campaigns from the list and click "Add".
Select campaigns based on which you want to create a source
Add sources to the audience segment. Click the "Audience" → "List of segments" and click "Create segment".

Click "Add segments": the list contains the segments and data sources you added earlier. You can create new segments based on existing segments.

Select one or more sources and click "Add segment". Select the desired list of campaigns and the target: Clicks, Impressions, Viewed 25%/ 50%/ 75%/ 100% video, Sending forms Lead Ads. Specify whether to add or remove users from the audience who meet these criteria.
Creating a segment based on past ad campaigns
After that, configure the created segment.
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