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MyTarget auction is a platform for automatic bidding between advertisers for displaying ads. You can pay for impressions, clicks and CPI. The auction myTarget works on the model eCPM.
What affects ad rotation
For each show, the system automatically selects the optimal creative based on the auction pricing model. Some factors that affect the likelihood of your ad serving:

  • Relevance to user interests
  • The advertiser's bid
  • CTR and CR indicators
  • eCPM
  • Ad format
  • Campaign targeting and limits
How to choose a bid
The bid affects the eCPM of the ad. With high rate, myTarget will show your ad to a more expensive audience. If you have correctly identified your target audience, you will get a high conversion.

Test the bid from higher to lower: at the start you will get a higher conversion. Then gradually lower your bid to understand at what bid gives the best result.
How CTR affects the probability of winning the auction
CTR — clickability of your ads. The ad with higher CTR will more likely win the auction, if all else parameters are equal. We recommend testing the ads and selecting the most effective CTR.

For CPC campaigns, CTR has the same impact as the CPC bid.
What is eCPM and how to calculate it
eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille) is the expected revenue for thousands of ad impressions. This is an indicator that helps ad networks in the auction to identify the ad that will bring more revenue. The higher eCPM make campaign more effective. All myTarget auctions run on eCPM.

For each payment model, eCPM is calculated using its own formula:

  • impressions (CPM) — the eCPM = CPM

Here eCPM is equal to the bid you specified in the settings of the advertising campaign

  • clicks (CPC) — eCPM = CPC x CTR x 1000

Affect the bid and potential clickability of the ad

  • install mobile apps (CPI) — eCPM = CPI x CTR x CR x 1,000

Affect the bid, ad clickability and conversion rate.
How eCPM affects the audience
eCPM affects the potential reach and quality of the audience that sees the ad.

  • Coverage. The higher your eCPM, the more traffic you can get.
  • The quality of the audience. Ads with high eCPM have a better audience: more interested, active and solvent.
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