Weather targeting

Weather targeting allows you to serve ads to users in whose region the weather corresponds to the values set in the campaign.
At the moment, targeting is provided on request.

How it works

The ad campaign is displayed at the time and in the region where and when the weather corresponds to the one that is configured in the campaign.
Weather data is provided by the service Pogoda@Mail.Ru

For example:
Campaign A has a set temperature of 10-20 and precipitation: Clearly.
In campaign B temperature 20-30 and rain.

In Moscow, it is now 17 degrees and it is clear - campaign A will be shown, and campaign B will not.
In Sochi, it's 22 degrees and it's raining - campaign B will be shown, and campaign A will not.

In other words, the campaign display depends on the weather at the time of display in the region where the user is located.

Available options

The following parameters are available for configuration:
  • Precipitation
  • Wind
  • Temperature. Acceptable intervals from -50 to +50 degrees
  • Pressure. Acceptable intervals from 700 to 800 mm of mercury.

You can use different combinations of these parameters.
We recommend creating multiple campaigns with different creatives for different weather conditions.
Setting up weather targeting
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