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Tracking post-view conversions for mobile apps

In myTarget launched integration tracking post-view mobile app conversions with the AppsFlyer and Adjust tracking systems. This functionality will help you correctly compare myTarget with other advertising channels and understand what myTarget really contributes to your advertising campaign.

Post-view conversions are conversions without clicking on an ad link: the user saw the ad, but installed the app without clicking on the ad.

Actions in other ad channels are not counted: if a user clicked on an ad from another network during the attribution period, including before being served in myTarget, or saw an ad from this app after viewing the myTarget ad, the post-view conversion will not occur.

Learn more about how trackers calculate conversions:

In both trackers, post-view conversion tracking can be enabled or disabled.
For Adjust, post-view conversion tracking is disabled by default.
To enable it, go to the mytarget module settings:
Tracking post-view conversions in Adjust
In AppsFlyer post-view conversion tracking is enabled by default when you enable the module. If the module is already enabled, you need to enable accounting manually.

If you are already using AppsFlyer, go to the myTarget module and check that post-view conversion tracking is enabled.
Tracking post-view conversions in AppsFlyer
Statistics on post-view conversions are already available in the tracking systems' personal dashboard. You can view it in the myTarget in "Statistics" tab and on the dashboard. In both trackers, you can view both the total number of installations and the separate number of post-click and post-view installations. There is no need to place an impression link in myTarget: the system will automatically detect it and use it as part of an advertising campaign.

We recommend you to check the settings of the tracker integration with your systems for collecting statistics: by default, trackers give the total number of installations, including post-view.

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