How to change password

The way of changing the password depends on how you logged in to myTarget:
  • with login and password,
  • through an account in social networks (oauth authorization).

Autorization with login and password

If you used your login (phone number or e-mail) and password during registration, you have automatically created an account on the platform

To change password:
  1. authorize at,
  2. in the "My account" → "Security" section, change your password.

After that you will be able to login to myTarget with your new password.

Autorization with social networks account

If you are logged in via social networks (accounts Vkontakte,, OK, Google, Twitter), then you do have no login and password from myTarget account.

You can change the password of your account on the service through which you authorize.

For example, if you log in to myTarget with your "Odnoklassniki" account, you can only change the password for that account. To get to your myTarget account after changing your password, as usual, click on the icon "Odnoklassniki".
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