Image carousel (type: Carousel, objective: App Installs, In-app conversions)

Device type: mobile format
Platform: social networks,, Mail.Ru Group projects, myTarget advertising network
Placement: feed

Advertising format, the distinctive feature of which is the display of several slides with pictures in one ad in social networks. Use the format "Carousel" if you want to show the user several products or tell about the different characteristics of the product.

Peculiar properties

  • The order of the slides in the interface is the same as the order in which they are shown.

  • Cross-Device carousel is available for website advertising, and for applications — only mobile.

  • The banner shows the total statistics of the whole carousel. To get statistics on slides, you need to upload xls/csv report on the campaign. The amount of impressions and impressions on slides is not equal to the total amount of impressions and clicks of the banner. The report shows the statistics for the understanding of the CTR slides.


  • There should be 3-6 slides in the carousel.

  • Icon - 250x250 pixels.

  • The size of the slide image is 600x600 pixels.
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