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Audio clip (type: Audio, objective: Audio Listening)

Device type: crossdevice format
Platform: social network Odnoklassniki; desktop, app, and mobile site VKontakte; mobile apps VK Music
Placement: audio clip before the main audio content

Audio clip in social networks, which is played before the audio content. Payment only for "impressions", listened to 75% or more.

Payment model

For audio advertising, there is a CPM payment model, which involves debiting funds for every 1000 plays of an audio clip by more than 75%.

Purchase through auction:
The price per thousand impressions is determined by auction and depends on the settings of the target audience.

Priority purchase:

Implementation of impressions is a priority.
Fixed bid with extra charges for target audience settings. Price list Digital Audio

Banners in audio advertising in social network apps

For audio advertising in the VKontakte and Odnoklassniki mobile applications, you can add a picture and a link to the advertised site. Users without a subscription will see an advertising banner with a "Go" button in the mobile player. Clicking on the button opens the sponsored link.

Technical requirements:
  • Image - 1000x1000 pixels. This field is optional.
  • Link - this field is optional.
  • Audio file - general rules and requirements for audio files.
Audio ads with a banner in the Vkontakte mobile app


  • codecs: aac, mp3, vorbis;
  • minimum quality: 44 kHz, 16 bit, stereo;
  • stream compression rate: 192 – 320 kbps constant bitrate;
  • RMS: from -10dB to -15dB;
  • number of audio tracks: 1;
  • size: up to 10 MB;
  • The length of the video must be at least 15 seconds, no more than 30 seconds, and a multiple of 5. For example, a 21-second clip will be cut. We recommend using 15-second videos.

Forbidden to advertise the following products or services:

1. Sites that collect personal information and/or contact information (including phone numbers, emails), without explaining purpose or the agreement to the processing of personal data; services that are distributed through subscription using a mobile phone (including links to that services).

2. Services for hacking, promotion of communities, sites and applications, artificial increasing of counters using programs or scripts, spam mailing.

3. Adult products and services: pornography, sex goods, escort services, services for finding intimate partners, intimate trainings and trainings in seduction (including pick-up), striptease services, strip clubs.

4. Digital drugs, smoking mixtures, salts, poppers, laughing gases and psychotropic substances.

5. Alcohol (including beer and non-alcoholic beer) and tobacco, smoking accessories (including electronic cigarettes), applications and sites promoting such products.

6. Medical services for abortion. Medicines for dysfunction of the reproductive system.

7. Anabolic steroids, other medicines or food for muscle growth similar to steroids

8. Military products and weapon (combat, manual, rifle weapon and steel arms, self-defense weapon, civil and service weapon, sport weapon with the muzzle energy above 3 J., hunting and signaling weapon). In the presence of supporting documents, advertising of products constructively similar to weapons with the obligatory indication of this is allowed.

9. Games based on risk and betting, including gambling, or similar products and services, betting shops, auctions.

10. Sites, communities or applications that lead to unlawful or violent acts.

11. Political advertising (for example, political publications, advertising of deputies' websites, political figures, opinions on political events, etc.). An exception is a pre-election campaigning on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Customer with the obligatory notification of the Contractor may change those requirements unilaterally.

12. Biologically active additives or supplements and its remote sale.

13. Services and sites competing with the VKontakte (, Odnoklassniki ( and My World; services and sites with similar activities, including social networks, traffic generators, video hostings, online cinemas, messengers (including Yandex.Music, Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Video, Viber, Skype, Avito (except, Youtube, Google (except Google Now and Google Assistant), Telegram, Periscope, OPERA, Zvooq, AppCola, Rambler, Rostelecom games, LINE Messenger). The presence of such sites and services in audio advertising, including their names and links, is forbidden.

14. Sites that show pop-ups or technically prevent to quit a site (including links to such sites in audio advertising).

15. Sites with advertisements that do not corresponding these requirements.

1. Sound track (including a voice) in audio advertising should not contain frank, frightening or aesthetically unacceptable statements (description of naked or defiantly dressed people, diseases, injuries, disasters, etc.), and description or mention of alcohol (including beer and non-alcohol beer) or tobacco products, or the process of using such products. Exceptions are possible for movie trailers for appropriate targeting audience.

2. Advertising of medicines, medical equipment, medical devices (except of some methods of contraception) and medical services (including methods of treatment) requires warning "There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult a doctor"

3. Advertising of dating sites, contraception, feminine hygiene products is possible with the agreement. That audio advertising should be targeted to the 18+ audience.

4. Advertising of medicines, medical products and medical services, including treatment methods, advertising of promotions, including lotteries, should be targeted to the 18+ audience.

5. Audio advertising of baby food requires warning "Consultation of doctor is necessary".

6. Audio advertising of biologically active additives requires warning "Biologically active additives. Not a medicine."

7. Audio advertising of the results of intellectual activity is allowed if there are relevant documents confirming the rights to use the results of intellectual activity.

8. Using of images of person is permissible only if there are documents confirming the consent of that person.

9. Audio advertising of information products (including media, films, books, TV channels and radio stations, websites should be enrich with the age restriction (according to the legislation of the Russian Federation: "0 + "," 6+ "," 12+ "," 16+ "," 18+ "). The Contractor is responsible for classification of information products and an indication of the age restriction, as well as correctness of the determination of age categories.

1. Using of offensive and unparliamentary language, as well as the mention of tragic events (murder, death, act of terrorism, funeral), except for movie trailers for appropriate targeting audience.

2. Incorrect comparisons with products and services provided by other companies.

3. Direct references to the age and name (for example, "Are you 25?", "Anna, just for you!").

4. Using harsh sounds that cause an anxiety (for example, sounds of sirens, horns, squeals of brakes).

5. Using of foreign words or expressions, leading to a distortion of meaning.

6. Using a music track that mutes the main message.

7. Advertising of products or services that conflict with the rules of placement.
Audio clip in VK
Audio clip in OK
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