myTarget for Publishers
myTarget Advertising Network helps publishers to improve inapp and web monetization.
myTarget was developed by publisher, for publishers.

How can we help you to earn more with our ads?
High impact ads that provide great user experience.
We show targeted ads based on users data we already have. Like social demographic data, interests, brands that users engage and so on. Users engage more with our relevant ads. That leads to better outcome for advertisers what in turn leads to higher revenue for publishers.
All the topical ad formats in reach
For Apps - fully customizable native Display and Video, Rewarded Video,
In-Stream Video, Standard Display.
For Web - Standard Display, In-Stream Video
Exclusive brand demand
Besides performance demand we have unique TV-style premium ads from world recognizable brands
Over 40% of the top100 apps are integrated with myTarget
Supported Platforms
Supported Mediation Services
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