Special offer
$500 to promote
your mobile app
in myTarget
Invest $500 or more in app advertisement
within a month and get a bonus
Invest $500 or more in app advertisement within a month and get a bonus
Advertise on the largest social networks in Russia
Find new customers with myTarget — the self-service ad platform by Mail.ru Group that covers 92% of the Russian market
Business development
Increase app installs, user involvement, and product visibility.
Choosing the right audience
Select your potential clients based on gender, age, interests and income.
Campaigns on any budget
Reach your KPI targets even with modest investments.
Get $500 to promote
your mobile app in myTarget
Attracting clients to myTarget?
Choose a goal
Decide what you want from your ad campaign – for example, an increase in app installs or heightened brand visibility.
Define your audience
To make the ad interesting to the audience, you have to know your target customer. Select users based on geography, gender, age, interests, and income level.
Create your ad
Choose a format that fits your ad campaign. Complete your ad template with a heading, a call to action, images or videos.
Attract users
Launch your ad, get new customers and encourage your existing clients to repeat the desired action.
Offer details:
  • Launch an ad campaign on myTarget.
  • Spend $500 or €500 on advertising within a month.
  • Send a request to global@corp.mail.ru. Include your account name, the email address associated with your account, and a link to the app you're promoting.
  • Only clients from outside of Russia and the CIS are eligible.
  • The offer ends on December 31, 2020.

Got any questions on mobile app ad optimization and setup?
Email us at global@corp.mail.ru