Participation agreement for / Rules for conducting the promotion "myTarget returns 10% for marketing with Look-alike" (hereinafter "the Rules for conducting the promotion", "the Agreement", "the Rules").

1.1. This Agreement on participation in the myTarget returns 10% for using look-alike targeting promotion (the "Promotion") is available on the Internet at /pro/lal_promo_rules (the "Website") and shall constitute a contract entered into by and between you (the "Participant") and the Arranger with a view to enabling participation in the Promotion, establishing the rights and obligations of the Participants and the Arranger along with the procedure for the Promotion.

Through your participation in the Promotion, including by performing actions stipulated by Section 3 of this Agreement, you shall unconditionally and fully accept the terms hereof (in accordance with Article 438 of the Russian Civil Code).

1.2. The purpose of the Promotion is to spur demand, attract attention, drive brand awareness and loyalty, maintain and increase Participants' interest in trademarks, products and services offered by the Arranger, and promote them in the market.

1.3. Arranger: VK Limited Liability Company (VK LLC); INN 7743001840, registered at 39 Leningradsky Ave., Bld. 79, Moscow, 125167 (the "Arranger").

1.4. The official language of the Promotion is Russian.
2. Terminology and definitions:
2.1. Promotion means an event held by the Arranger to spur demand, attract attention, drive brand awareness and loyalty, maintain and increase Participants' interest in trademarks, products and services offered by the Arranger, and promote them in the market. The Promotion is not a lottery, free-entry lottery or any other gambling activity involving risk.

2.2. Participant means the User of the Service that entered into a services agreement with the Arranger (including by accepting an offer).


  1. The Participant is required to have an audience who are:
  • Website visitors based on the counter.
  • The Participant's own clients.
2. The Participant advertises its website or product feed.

2.3. Service means the myTarget advertising platform with its official webpage at /

2.4. Unfair Advantage means the result of improper, unfair and/or other actions aimed at obtaining the Discount or gaining another advantage in the Promotion by means of deception, forgery, blackmail, coercion, abuse, illegal obtaining of information, access to data and/or noncompliance with the terms and conditions of these Rules, including via the use of any hardware/software that is not covered by the Service and via taking advantage of any hardware/software or other vulnerabilities of the Service that make such actions possible. Such actions include, without limitation, modifying the code of the Service, gaining illegal access to the Service data (hacking), and other means of gaining an Unfair Advantage.
3. Conditions of participating in the Promotion
3.1. The Promotion is carried out in the Service.

To take part in the Promotion, the Participant must perform the following actions within the Promotion Period:

  • Register in and/or log in to the Service;
  • Order and pay for the Arranger's ad placement services featuring the look-alike tool (for details, see /help/advertisers/lookalike/en) within the Promotion Period specified in Section 4 hereof. The Arranger's services can be paid for by the Participant in advance or after such services have been provided. The Promotion only covers the Arranger's services aimed at advertising a brand/product/service of the Participant, or on condition that the Participant receives the right to promote this brand/product/service from the owner and can provide confirmation documents.
Upon fulfilling all promotion requirements, the Participant shall be eligible for a 10% Discount on future orders for the Arranger's services. The Participant may receive the Discount several times within the Promotion Period specified in Section 4 hereof, once per each paid for ad placement in line with the above conditions and Clause 3.3 hereof.

3.2. The Discount shall constitute 10% of the amount charged by the Arranger for the ad placement that meets the requirements specified in Clause 3.1 of the Rules accessible through the Participant's Personal Account in the Service. The Discount may only be applied to the Arranger's offering available in the Service. The 10% Discount shall be calculated based on the amount paid for the Arranger's services in line with Clause 3.1 and denominated in the payment currency. The Discount shall include any applicable taxes levied thereon under the law.

3.3. The maximum total amount of the Discount available to the Participant during the entire Promotion Period shall not exceed one million (1,000,000) for Website promotion and one million (1,000,000) for Mobile App promotion. When a Participant reaches the above-mentioned amount of the Discount, the Arranger shall terminate the Promotion for such Participant. If the payment to the Arranger is denominated in a currency other than the Russian ruble (RUB), the maximum total amount of the Discount shall be calculated at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Russia on the Promotion expiry date.

3.4. Discount Rules: The Discount shall be provided as bonuses credited to the Participant's Personal Account before the 15th day of the month following the calendar month in which the Arranger's services were paid for in line with Clause 3.1 hereof. The Participant may apply the Discount within the Promotion Period and within one (1) calendar year after the expiration of the Promotion Period. The Participant may not withdraw a cash equivalent of the Discount from the Personal Account.

3.5. The Discount shall not be paid in cash or replaced with other bonuses/rewards.
4. Promotion Period
4.1. The Promotion shall last from August 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 (inclusive).

4.2. The Arranger shall reserve the right to change the Promotion Period and/or terms and conditions of the Promotion at its sole discretion. The Arranger may cancel the Promotion early.
5. Rights and obligations of the Participant:
5.1. The Participant may:
5.1.1. Read the Rules.
5.1.2. Take part in the Promotion in the manner set out in these Rules.
5.1.3. Review the information about changes to the Rules.
5.2. The Participant shall:
5.2.1. Perform actions specified in Section 3 of the Rules.
5.2.3. Comply with the following requirements:
  • The Participant shall not attempt to gain an Unfair Advantage or perform other mala fide actions to obtain the Discount in an unfair manner.
  • The Participant shall refrain from taking part in the Promotion unless all eligibility requirements set down herein are met.
  • The Participant shall not use software that obstructs the operation of the Service and/or may influence the outcomes of the Promotion. If Arrangers discover attempts at any of the above actions, the Participant that has undertaken such attempts shall be stripped of the right to take part in the Promotion and receive the Prize.
  • The Participant shall not register an account on behalf of someone else (a fake account) or act on behalf of, without limitation, an organization, company, brand, legal entity or individual without the relevant authorization to represent them; when registering, the Participant shall use accurate information.
  • The Participant shall not register multiple accounts to take part in the Promotion.
  • If the Participant violates any obligations under Subclause 5.2.3, they shall be held liable in accordance with current Russian laws and be disqualified, and all the results shall be null and void. Should the Arranger sustain any losses arising from violations of Subclause 5.2.3 by the Participant, the latter shall reimburse such losses to the Arranger in full.
5.2.4. Participants shall bear all the expenses incurred by them in connection with the Promotion.
5.2.5. In all other matters not covered by these Rules, the Arranger and Participants shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

6. Rights and obligations of the Promotion Organizer:
6.1. The Arranger shall:
6.1.1. Arrange the Promotion in accordance with these Rules.

6.2. The Arranger may:
6.2.1. Enjoy all the rights set down in these Rules and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
6.2.2. Deny the Participant the Prize if that Participant has violated any requirements or obligations stipulated in these Rules.
6.2.3. Change the Rules. The original and updated versions of the Rules, as well as additional information, shall be published on the Promotion's official website.
6.2.4. Suspend the Participant from taking part in the Promotion at any stage thereof if the Participant (or any third party) is suspected of violating any requirements of these Rules.
6.2.5. The Arranger shall not be responsible for any violations of third party rights committed by Participants. By taking part in the Promotion, the Participant shall accept to bear, on their own and at their expense, any losses associated with violations of any third party rights, and reimburse any losses incurred by the Arranger in full if they occur through the fault of the Participant or result from violations of these Rules committed by the Participant.
6.2.6. The Arranger shall not be responsible for malfunctions of the Internet or actions of Internet service providers.
6.2.7. If any part of the Promotion cannot be carried out as planned for any reason, including computer virus infection or malfunctions of the Internet, as well as defects, interference, unauthorized access, falsification, technical issues or any circumstances that are beyond the control of Arrangers and disrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper performance of the Promotion, Arrangers may, at their sole discretion, cancel, change or suspend the Promotion.
6.2.8. Refrain from any written negotiations or other contacts with Participants, save as set out in these Rules or required by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
6.2.9. Block the Participant's access to the Service if they violate these Rules or if their actions or omissions in any way violate these Rules and/or the applicable laws the Russian Federation.
6.2.10. Should any circumstances beyond the control of the Arranger arise and if such circumstances are unexpected or extraordinary (fire, flood, natural disaster, web server attack, strike, etc.) and compromise financial or technical feasibility of the Promotion, even if such circumstances occur through the fault of the Arranger (provided the Arranger performs its obligations in good faith), the Arranger shall reserve the right to cancel the Promotion or any part thereof. If the Promotion is canceled, the Participants shall not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever from the Arranger (including reimbursement for losses).
7. Other conditions
7.1. The terms mentioned in these Rules are only applicable to this Promotion.

7.2. The Arranger shall not be held liable for technical malfunctions of the Service, if such malfunctions occur through no fault of the Arranger.

7.3. Should any provision of these Rules become invalid or unenforceable due to a court ruling, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Rules.

7.4. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the Promotion shall be settled in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. If any situation arises that may lead to ambiguous interpretation of the Rules and/or issues not covered by the Rules, the final decision on such interpretation and/or clarification shall be reserved to the Arranger.
Version dated August 1, 2022