In your account you can see detailed statistics by apps and ad units: the number of requests, impressions and clicks, Fillrate, CTR and revenue.

To view the overall statistics for all apps, click the "Apps" tab. You can choose the type of report:
  • by apps. To view statistics for a specific block, find it in the list on the "Apps" tab and click on its name.
  • by geography. Geo metric can be tracked throughout the application, and on a separate ad unit.
To view statistics on a particular block, find it in the list on the "Apps" tab and click on its name.
General apps statistics
Statistics are available starting from July 01, 2017. The maximum statistical interval is 1 year (365 days).
Statistics in the report are displayed according to the time zone you selected when registering. You can't change the time zone for displaying statistics.

Information about the selected time zone is available on the "Profile" tab → "Settings".
Selected time zone

Statistical metrics

All methods for collecting statistics on partner sites and site groups return a set of metrics that include all or several of the following:

  • shows - the number of times the ad was displayed on the site
  • clicks - the number of clicks on the ad on the site
  • requests - the number of requests to the site
  • requested_banners - total number of requested site banners. You can request more than 1 banner in a request.
  • responses - the number of banners fetched in response to requests
  • noshows - the number of requested banners for which no ad was displayed
  • fill_rate - fill rate: ratio of the fetched banners to the total number of requested benners
  • amount - charged sum
  • cpm - average cost per 1 ad on the site
  • ctr - click-through rate; ratio of users who clicked on the ad to the total number of those who viewed it
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