How to create an app

Create an app and ad units of the selected formats. To do this, go to the "Apps" tab and click "Create app".
Personal account registration
Enter the name of the app and a link.
Details for withdrawals
Select the ad unit type and enter a name.
Select the type of block
Enter a description of the block parameters and the parameters of the app. Then click "Create app".

The new block will appear in the list on the "Apps" tab. Click on the name to view the app data.
App data
After successful completion of moderation, the status of the block will change to "Working" and the status indicator will change to green.

In the block parameters you will find the slot ID (slot_id) — this is a unique block number on your site that you will need during SDK integration.
Slot ID
Click on the name of the block to get the js-code to install on the mobile app, if your app is a mobile site.
JS code for installation on a mobile site
Then integrate myTarget SDK or JS into your application/site.

Detailed information about connecting the SDK and js-code for broadcasting ads:
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