How to create an app and ad unit

To start monetizing your site or app through myTarget, create an app and ad unit in your personal account.

The App is a website or mobile application where you plan to place ads.

Ad unit is an option for placing ads on a site. For one site, you can create several ad units of various formats.

Create an app

To create a site and ad units, go to the "Apps" tab and click "Create app". Enter the name of the site and paste the link to your resource (site URL or link to the application in Google Play / App Store).

In a few seconds you will see a preview of your site and additional settings for blocking unwanted ads:
Blacklist for categories Blacklist for sites Blacklist for apps
We recommend that you do not use blocking by category, as it can negatively affect eCPM and income in general. By blocking a category, you are excluding a significant % of advertisers).

Consult with your manager before you use this setting.
You can use the blocking function when starting the site or after. Click on the "Save" button.
After creating the app, you will see a red indicator. This means that the app is not yet active and it is in the queue for moderation (usually 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays). However, you can continue to create ad units within the app without waiting for a moderation response.

Please note that the link to the application must point to the current application in Google Play or the App Store. If your application has not been released yet, then it will be impossible to create a site. In this case, contact your manager.

Create an ad unit

To create an ad unit, click on the name of the app in the list, then on the button "Create ad unit".

Enter a title and select the type of ad unit. When you hover the cursor over the question mark next to the name of the block type, you will see its brief description, which will help you make your choice. Be careful: after creating a block, its type cannot be changed.

In the "Description" field, describe the step-by-step instructions on how to see an ad unit of the current format on your site or in your application. This is necessary so that we can assess the correctness of integration and the effectiveness of monetization.

Below, set the block settings according to your requirements, for example, specify the frequency caps (optional) - the limit of impressions for a unique user and the interval between impressions.

Click the "Save" button.

After successfully passing the moderation, the status indicator will change to green.

Create an ad unit for in-app bidding

To create a unit for in-app bidding, click on the application in which you want to create a slot. Then click on the "Create ad unit" button, on the new page enter the name of the slot, select the format and type of integration: in-app bidding. Save the slot settings.

Before you start creating a bidding block, please contact your manager or support.
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