How to create a partner account

Register your partner account
Create a personal account on using mail.

For authorization in the partner account you can also use the account in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook,, Google+, but be aware of the associated restrictions.
Personal account registration
Specify the interface language. Then, if necessary, you can change it (the "Profile" tab → "Settings").

Select the account type - "Monetization".

Enter your country and time zone. Be careful: according to this time zone, statistics will be displayed in your profile. You can't change the time zone later.

Select the interface currency.

Select the registration method - physical or legal entity. Depending on this will be different forms of documents, payment methods, etc.

Read the Offer and terms of use of the service and check the boxes next to these items.

Click "Register".
Fill in the company information
In the personal account in the "Balance" → "Withdrawals" select the form of cooperation:

  • legal entity;
  • individual entrepreneur.

Depending on the chosen form of cooperation necessary to fill in and save payment details.
Details for transfer of funds

For Russian citizens

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must provide the Manager with payment details for the conclusion of the contract and copies of the following documents:
  • registration certificate;
  • TIN and a copy of the order on the appointment of the Director General. Copies must be notarized or certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head of the organization.

For citizens of other countries

  • payment details (the list of details can be found in your account in the "Billing");
  • copy of passport (for individuals who are residents of other countries).
The contract must be signed by both parties.
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