How to create an ad unit

You can create an ad unit immediately when creating an app or later.

To create an ad block on the created app, go to the "Apps" tab and click on the name of the app where you want to create an ad unit.
Selecting aa app for creating a block
Click "Create ad unit".
Button for creating a ad unit
Enter a name for the unit.
Field for the unit name
Select the type of ad unit. Be careful, you can't change the unit type after creating it.

The position of the ad block is shown schematically in red, and there is a tip for this type of block next to the block name.

The set of available blocks differs depending on the type of app.
Selecting unit type
In the "Description" section, specify the steps we need to make to see the ad. This is necessary so that we can evaluate the correctness of integration and the effectiveness of monetization.

Set the block parameters.
Specify the frequency caps (optional) — the limit of impressions for a unique user and the interval between impressions.
After that, click "Add unit" — it will appear in the list of ad units. After successful moderation, the block status will change to "running" and the status indicator will change to green.
New unit in the list of ad units on the app
Click on the unit name to open the parameters. In the unit parameters, you will find the slot ID (slot_id) - this is the unique unit number on your app that you will need during SDK integration and the setting up of mediation.
Slot_ID in the unit parameters
If your app is a mobile site, copy the js-code from the unit parameters to install it on the mobile site.
JS-code to install on a mobile site
After that, integrate the myTarget SDK or JS into your app / site.
Detailed information about enabling the SDK and js code for displaying ads:
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