Revenue withdrawal

Information for non-residents
If you are a resident of the Russian Federation, please visit the link

Billing information

  • myTarget pays the Remuneration within thirty (30) calendar days after receiving the invoice.

  • Minimum amount is 300 USD/EUR.

  • Partner receives remuneration by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the Account.

  • Partner is responsible for the payment of its own taxes and tax liabilities.

  • If the Partner is a resident of Cyprus, then the payment for the Services is subject to VAT 19%

For more information about payment please visit the link

Revenue withdrawal

To withdraw your revenue please proceed to the 'Billing' tab of your monetization account:
'Billing' tab
Click "Send request" button:
Withdrawal of earned funds
The account must be verified by the finance team (checking the billing information), we will contact you within a few days.

How to withdraw funds:
  1. An automatically generated withdrawal request appears in your personal account in the table below on a monthly basis on the first day of the next month.
  2. Notification of a new application is sent by e-mail to the address specified in your profile. Please make sure you are subscribed to «Finances» at Notifications Subscription section.
  3. To get the payment:
  • Please sign the invoice and upload a scan of the signed document to the "Signed & Scanned" section of the application for the last reporting period.
  • Prices in the interface are excluding VAT.
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