Android SDK: Version history

Current version of the SDK is available for download via the link
5.20.1 (19.03.2024)
Added support for certificates of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
Added parallel loading of media files.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.20.0 (15.12.2023)
Supported adDisclaimer, adAgeRestriction and recommendationInfo in VAST ads.
Supported android 14.
Improved bug detailing.
Updated versions of exoPlayer and MyTrackerSDK dependencies.
Improved ad loading speed.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.19.0 (16.10.2023)
Support for Video Motion banners in instreamAd.
Many internal SDK improvements and bug fixes.

5.18.0 (20.07.2023)
Added detailed information about ad loading errors. Now we return the error model with the code instead of the error cause. Also detailed the causes of errors.
Added support for adChoises in VAST format.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.0 (30.06.2023)
Raised minimal version to Android 5.0 (API level 21).
Changed the logic for click-throughs on shoppable ads.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.5 (16.05.2023)
Fixed picture caching.
Made background color of ShoppableWebView black.
Improved SDK stability.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.4 (01.03.2022)
Added support for displaying AdChoices in InstreamAudioAds.
Improved ad visibility tracking.
Fixed bug with separators in AdChoices menu.
Fixed bug with double call of NativeAd.NativeAdListener#onVideoPause method.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.3 (16.12.2022)
Added display of ad ID in AdChoices menu with ability to copy it to clipboard.
Added ability to display discount size in custom carousel in native ads.
Fixed generation of javadoc documentation.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.2 (30.11.2022)
Added ShoppableItems to instream ads.

5.16.1 (25.11.2022)
Added ability to control size and margin of cards in carousels in native ads. Added method toNativeViewsFactory getNativeAdViewWithExtendedCards(float cardScaleFactor, int cardSpacing, @NonNull Context context).
Renamed the InstreamAd method handleAdChoicesClickWithController to handleAdChoicesClick.
Added an example of using adChoices in instream ads to the demo app.
Added an example of adChoices button control in native and native banner ads to the demo app.
Added sample menu customization for adChoices in native and native banner ads to the demo app.
Made the demo app more usable.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.0 (07.11.2022)
Added ability to display adChoices button in InStream ads.
Added ability to customize menu for adChoices in InStream ads.
Added ability to control adChoices button independently in native and native banner ads.
Added ability to customize menu for adChoices in native and native banner ads.
Added notification about hiding ads when you click on an option in the adChoices menu.
Added ability to independently control hiding ads when clicking on an option in the adChoices menu.
Fixed sizing and setting custom icon for NativeAdChoicesView.

5.15.5 (12.10.2022)
Fixed resizing of adChoices for rectangular icons.
Disabled location data collection by default (to enable use the withTrackingEnvironment method from MyTargetConfig, passing the value true).
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.15.4 (01.09.2022)
Added API for managing mediation networks.
Improvements and optimizations have been made.

5.15.3 (01.07.2022)
Added support for Huawei AppGallery and RuStore.
Updated ExoPlayer version to 2.17.1.
Minor improvements.

5.12.2 (12.05.2022)
Minor improvements have been made.
Improved work with ExoPlayer.

5.15.1 (24.03.2022)
Server address changed.
Added server address configuration functionality.
Updated version of exo-player.
Improved work with video.
Increased version of compile-sdk, target-sdk.
Additional settings in the response are supported.
Added support for App Set ID.

5.15.0 (31.01.2022)
Integrated Open Measurement SDK.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.14.4 (10.12.2021)
Updated myTarget icon.
Changes in sending custom parameters.
Fixed a bug leading in rare cases to NPE during initialization.
Minor changes to the internal components of the SDK.

5.14.3 (28.10.2021)
Improved video statistics processing.
Added sending myTracker ID.

5.14.2 (12.10.2021)
Improved work in StrictMode.
Added permission to manifest.
Minor improvements and optimizations have been made.

5.14.1 (22.09.2021)
Transition to POST requests completed.
Added sending information about Viewport.
Improved requests to /mobile/adcontext.

5.13.4 (07.09.2021)
Added getting information about 5G networks.
Improved midroll performance.

5.13.3 (13.08.2021)
Added sending networkAdapterInvalid statistics
Fixed the appearance of an extra pixel at the edges of the video in rare cases
Updated version of myTracker dependency
Adjusted identifier Render performance metrics

5.13.2 (04.08.2021)
Added collection of performance metrics.
Fixed tracking ovv stats in the last second of the video.
Improved work with exoPlayer.

5.13.1 (07.05.2021)
Added support for mrc(false) statistics.
Fixed work of video in some formats without ExoPlayer correct version.
Minor logging improvements.

5.13.0 (03.06.2021)
Moving to Java 8
Updated version of ExoPlayer
Added myTracker
Added AdChoices to fullscreens

5.12.3 (21.05.2021)
Server address changed.
Minor auto-initialization fixes.

5.12.2 (01.04.2021)
Multiple calls to load() are forbidden.
Added transfer of the version of the system WebView to the server.
Reduced processing time for standard banners.
Minor fixes.

5.12.1 (03.03.2021)
Description added to NativeBanner.
Minor modifications and improvements.

5.12.0 (26.02.2021)
Auto-initialization of sdk at application start to improve performance.
API trackingLocationEnabled, trackingEnvironmentEnabled, withTestDevices moved to MyTargetConfig.
setDebugMode API has been moved to MyTargetManager.
Added the ability to independently position AdChoicesView in native ads.

5.11.12 (10.02.2021)
Support for Privacy Policy in standard banners (icon i).

5.11.11 (05.02.2021)
Added show(Context) method to show fullscreen ads in the actual context.
Added collection of data on the presence of a touchscreen and UI mode.
Added descriptions to all API methods.

5.11.10 (20.01.2021)
Added the ability to work with already loaded data in native ads.
Removed InterstitialSlider format.
Improved logging.

5.11.9 (17.12.2020)
Fixed image display when using a combination of mediation in native ads.

5.11.8 (11.12.2020)
Added the ability not to log errors.
Fixed rare ClassCastException in mediation.

5.11.7 (07.12.2020)
Added determination of whether the ringtone sound is enabled on the device.
Added the ability not to decode statistics urls.

5.11.6 (25.11.2020)
Added detection of free memory on the device.
Added detection of dark theme.
Added detection of used keyboard languages.
Discontinued support for displaying banners via adman.js.
Fixed bugs with ExoPlayer 2.11.1.

5.11.5 (30.10.2020)
Support for Privacy Policy in native ads (icon i).
Removed logging of VAST parsing errors.
Bugs fixed.

5.11.4 (19.10.2020)
Added definition of connection to Android Auto.
Added collection of information about the current battery status.
Added methods for getting extended information in InstreamAd.
Custom Close (mraid.useCustomClose()) is no longer supported in MRAID banners.
We no longer collect AndroidID if there is an AdvertisingID.
Added support for the Atom browser.

5.11.3 (06.10.2020)
Fixed a bug that caused the ability to replay videos in rewards received in VAST format from third-party DSPs.
Fixed a bug where MyTargetView kept changing its size after calling MyTargetView::setAdSize.
Stopped calling onNoAd in case of JavaScript errors in WebView.

5.11.2 (30.09.2020)
Fixed displaying new banners on some devices when rotating in myTargetView.

5.11.1 (25.09.2020)
Added the ability to enable test ad impressions on devices - the withTestDevices() method.
Added the ability to track asset loading in native ads and NativeAdMediaListener.
Added the setCustomUserId method to CustomParams.
Fixed multiple calls callback to the onShow in MyTargetView.
Fixed bugs in MediaView.
Fixed bug that occurs when initializing WebView from another process.

5.11.0 (14.09.2020)
New API for Rewarded Ads - RewardedAd.
New adaptive banners instead formats 320h50 and 728x90.

5.10.0 (02.09.2020)
Support Android 11.

5.9.1 (10.07.2020)
Renamed the parameters for transmitting the user's gender and age.

5.9.0 (07.07.2020)
Added support for mediation in Native Banner format.
Changed the set of data collected for GDPR consent.
Added support for CCPA and consent of the IAB.
The sdk version has been added to bidderToken.

5.8.4 (25.06.2020)
Fixed bugs in the video player.
Fixed bugs in WebView.

5.8.3 (16.06.2020)
Added a method for getting a bidder token for a server auction.

5.8.2 (08.06.2020)
Added a new mechanism for tracking impressions.
Upgraded video error handling.
Changed the way to account for impression metrics in VAST format.
Fixed errors.

5.8.1 (14.05.2020)
Fixed behavior when clicking on the advertising network logo in fullscreens.

5.8.0 (07.05.2020)
Support content(playable) ads in native ads.
Fixed video statistics tracking in standard video-player.
Fixed errors.

5.7.1 (21.04.2020)
Fixed mediation in native ads.
Fixed error when using WebView from different processes.

5.7.0 (16.04.2020)
Added new Native Banner format.
Refactoring of NativeAd: MediaAdView now is required, added IconAdView for icon, improved built-in visual components (NativeAdView and NativeBannerAdView).
Support instance_id.
Fixed click on card in interstitial ads.

5.6.3 (27.03.2020)
Added isClickable property to companion banners in in-stream ads.
Fixed layout for video-banners in interstitial ads.
Removed ability to show interstitial ads in modal view (now only with Activity).

5.6.2 (17.03.2020)
Support rewarded playable banners in interstitial ads.
Fixed close button logic in MRAID-banners.

5.6.1 (28.02.2020)
Support showing html-banners without js-wrapper.
Improved video playback in video-banners.

5.6.0 (14.02.2020)
Added new design for carousel in interstitial ads.
Moved to AndroidX from support-library.
Fixed errors.

5.5.7 (04.02.2020)
Improved video playback in interstitial ad.
Improved work with dependencies.
Fixed errors.

5.5.6 (26.12.2019)
Fixed errors while playing video banners.

5.5.5 (16.12.2019)
Support promo endcards in interstitial video-banners.

5.5.4 (28.11.2019)
Fixed video scaling.
Added getMediaAspectRatio method in MediaAdView which retrun aspect ratio of content.

5.5.3 (30.10.2019)
Added ability to play videos without ExoPlayer in native ad.
Added protection against simultaneous registration one view in different NativeAd instances.
Increased speed of ad requests.
Fixed errors.

5.5.2 (23.10.2019)
Added adSource field for formats with mediation.
Fixed error determining height of MediaAdView in native ad.

5.5.1 (08.10.2019)
Support OAID (Huawei Open Advertising Identifier).

5.5.0 (03.10.2019)
Added new design for interstitial ads.

5.4.7 (09.09.2019)
Fixed errors.
Added additional settings for VAST-banners.
Small improvements.

5.4.6 (29.08.2019)
Fixed progress stats handling from VAST-wrapper.

5.4.5 (25.06.2019)
Fixed error when using Firebase Performance Monitor.

5.4.4 (17.06.2019)
Fixed MediaView display in native ad.
Added ability to clear image cache in native ad.

5.4.3 (10.06.2019)
Fixed image scaling in interstitial ad.

5.4.2 (07.06.2019)
Improvements to support mediation with Yandex.
Support ad networks priority and myTarget banner in mediation.

5.4.1 (27.05.2019)
Improved MediaView scaling in native ad.
Fixed banners show outside activity context.

5.4.0 (14.05.2019)
Support mediation with third-party ads networks.
API changes:Added onShow callback in MyTargetViewListener.
Added NativeAdContainer view which is required for display native ad.
Added requirement to set id for subviews of ad view in native ad.

5.3.12 (23.04.2019)
Fixed video scaling in in-stream video ad.
Fixed errors while displaying expandable MRAID-banners.

5.3.11 (02.04.2019)
Fixed errors in native ads.
Improved native ads working in mediation.

5.3.10 (27.03.2019)
Fixed rare error calling onLoad callback for MRAID/HTML-banners in standard ads.
Fixed stats tracking about video progress for VPAID-banners.

5.3.9 (20.03.2019)
Fixed rare crash while opeining fullscreen video in native ad.
Fixed parser error in in-stream audio ad.

5.3.8 (04.03.2019)
Added ability to play video-banners in interstitial ad without ExoPlayer.
Added onBannerPause/Resume methods in InstreamAdListener.

5.3.7 (01.03.2019)
Fixed error while video playing after application enter in background.
Fixed click forwarding in MediaView in Admob mediation.

5.3.6 (15.02.2019)
Improved layout for square video in interstitial ads.

5.3.5 (25.01.2019)
Added viewability tracking of video-banners in native and interstitial formats.
Improved visibility checking in native ads.

5.3.4 (24.12.2018)
Support VAST-companion (static and html) as endcards for interstitial VAST video-banners.
Improved user action handling (action move) for playable html-banners.

5.3.3 (19.12.2018)
Support mraid-endcards for interstitial video-banners.
Fixed video playback in native ad.

5.3.2 (17.12.2018)
Fixed video playback in native ad while fast srolling.
Fixed sending stat in in-stream audio/video ads.

5.3.1 (07.12.2018)
Add id to AdChoices view for ConstraintLayout compatibility.

5.3.0 (04.12.2018)
Support html-endcards for interstitial video-banners.
Fixed error with replaying video after application exit from background.
Fixed urldecode error that occurs when string contains illegal characters.

5.2.6 (19.11.2018)
Fixed showing expandable MRAID-banners in 320x50, 300x250, 728x90 formats.

5.2.5 (29.10.2018)
Fixed non showing MyTargetView when deferred adding to the view hierarhy.

5.2.4 (03.10.2018)
Improved layout MediaAdView in native ads.
API changes:Removed start/pause/resume/stop methods from MyTargetView. Starting this version state changes automatically.

5.2.2 (17.09.2018)
Improved carousel in native ads.
Improved drawing rating stars.
Fixed errors.

5.2.1 (03.09.2018)
Added viewability settings in native ads.
Fixed statistics parsing errors in in-stream audio/video ads.

5.2.0 (28.08.2018)
Support MRAID-banners in 320x50, 300x250, 728x90 formats.
Support AdChoices in native ads.
API changes:Added setAdChoicesPlacement(int placement) method in NativeAd.

5.1.4 (10.08.2018)
Added new logic for handling http requests in Android P.
Support loading banners by specific indentifier for s2s mediation.
Improved layout in InterstitialAd.

5.1.3 (24.07.2018)
Standard video-player was replaced with ExoPlayer for video-banners.

5.1.2 (28.06.2018)
Fixed error loading additional banners in 320x50 and 728x90 formats.
Detecting rooted devices.

5.1.1 (21.06.2018)
Fixed errors.

5.1.0 (21.05.2018)
Support GDPR.
Support MRAID-banners in InterstitialAd.
Added ability to swap player in in-stream video ad.
Improved UI for video-banners in InterstitialAd.

5.0.4 (28.04.2018)
Fixed clickable area in MediaView in native ads.

5.0.3 (25.04.2018)
Improved layout in InterstitialAd.
Fixed errors.

5.0.2 (12.04.2018)
Fixed errors in native and interstitial cards.

5.0.1 (09.04.2018)
Fixed errors in-stream ads.

5.0.0 (26.03.2018)
Great refactoring of library code and build system.
Support multiple banners loading in native ads - NativeAdLoader.
Added smart cache for images in native ads.

API changes:
moved packages
com/my/target/ads/ -> com/my/target/common/
com/my/target/ads/instream -> com/my/target/ads/instreamads
com/my/target/ -> com/my/target/common
com/my/target/nativeads/models/ -> com/my/target/common/models/
renamed methods
InstreamAdPlayer.getAdVideoTimeElapsed ->getAdVideoPosition
InstreamAudioAdPlayer.getAdAudioTimeElapsed ->getAdAudioPosition

4.7.2 (10.01.2018)
Fixed errors in InterstitialAd.

4.7.1 (20.12.2017)
Improved loading images in NativeAd.

4.7.0 (12.12.2017)
Support cards and automatic loading images in MediaView.

4.6.28 (21.11.2017)
Added support click areas.

4.6.27 (10.11.2017)
API changes:
Added callbacks for video playback in NativeAdListener.

4.6.26 (31.10.2017)
Support carousel in InterstitialAd.

4.6.25 (26.10.2017)
Fixed error displaying banners in Webview.

4.6.23 (29.09.2017)
Fixed errors in Admob mediation.

4.6.22 (14.09.2017)
Improved html-banners support.
Fixed errors.

4.6.20 (17.08.2017)
Fixed errors in InterstitialAd.

4.6.19 (28.07.2017)
Added loadingTimeout property for in-stream audio/video ads.
Fixed errors in native ad and fullscreen slider.

4.6.18 (19.07.2017)
Support HLS video.

4.6.17 (07.07.2017)
Support VAST video-banners in InterstitialAd.

4.6.16 (30.06.2017)
Support OVV/MRC visibility statistics for in-stream video.
Fixed errors while display html-banners.
Fixed errors in fullscreen slider.

4.6.15 (09.06.2017)
Support SMART_BANNER format in Admob mediation.
Fixed errors in native ads.

4.6.14 (06.06.2017)
Support native ads in Admob mediation.
Minimum supported Android version - 4.0 (API level 14).
API changes:
Added onShow(NativeAd ad) method in NativeAdListener.

4.6.13 (25.05.2017)
Fixed errors in in-stream audio ad.

4.6.12 (28.04.2017)
Support html-banners in InterstitialAd.
Improved layout in fullscreen slider.
Fixed errors.

4.6.11 (12.04.2017)
Support html-banners in 320x50, 300x250 and 728x90 formats.
Added ability to register list of visual components that can be clicked in NativeAd.
Fixed errors in working with cookies.
API changes:
Added registerView(View view, List<View> clickableViews) method in NativeAd.

4.6.10 (03.04.2017)
Improved click handling in in-stream audio ad.

4.6.9 (22.03.2017)
Fixed some minor errors.

4.6.8 (13.03.2017)
Support 728х90 format for banners.

4.6.7 (07.03.2017)
Fixed errors in audio ads.

4.6.6 (20.02.2017)
Support autoloading video in NativeAd.
Fixed errors in-stream video and audio ads.
API changes:
Object CustomParams has been moved in property of ads instances.

4.6.5 (02.02.2017)
Support 300x250 format in mediation with Admob.

4.6.4 (17.01.2017)
Support in-stream audio ads.

4.6.3 (10.01.2017)
Fixed errors in fullscreen slider.

4.6.2 (20.12.2016)
Support 300х250 format for banners.

4.6.1 (30.11.2016)
Added support fullscreen slider format.

4.6.0 (23.11.2016)
Support carousel in NativeAd.
Fixed errors.

4.5.15 (02.11.2016)
New InstreamAd API.

4.5.14 (19.10.2016)
Support Rewarded Video mediation with Admob and Mopub.

4.5.13 (17.10.2016)
Fixed errors in Webview Activity.

4.5.12 (29.09.2016)
Improvements and fixed erros.

4.5.10 (23.08.2016)
Support on/off sound for video-banners.
Support mediation with Mopub 4.8.0.

4.5.9 (08.08.2016)
Fixed errors in .aar manifest file.

4.5.8 (03.08.2016)
Added additional check for permissions on Android 6+.

4.5.6 (12.07.2016)
Fixed errors in Revarded Video in InterstitialAd.

4.5.5 (07.07.2016)
Added support Revarded Video in InterstitialAd.

4.5.4 (27.06.2016)
Fixed errors in layout in InterstitialAd.

4.5.2 (21.06.2016)
Removed system zoom controls in webview for websites ads for better compability.

4.5.1 (16.06.2016)
Changed format of internal constant, because of which Google Play could display warning.

4.5.0 (03.06.2016)
myTarget SDK available on JCenter
API changes:
Main package of SDK classes instead of (16.05.2016)New design for video banners in InterstitialAd.
Improvements and fixed erros. (10.05.2016)Support mediation with Admob version 8.4.0 and Mopub version 4.6.0. (05.05.2016)
Support video banners in native ad.
Fixed erros in InterstitialAd layout.
API changes:
Only one facade in native ads - NativeAd with NativePromoBanner.
Added component MediaAdView for display main image and video in native ad.
Added dismiss() method in InterstitialAd.
Added onDisplay() method in InterstitialAdListener. (28.03.2016)Support deep links.
Fixed some errors in MyTargetView. (04.03.2016)Fixed errors in InterstitialAd layout. (05.02.2016)Improvements in working with Chrome Custom Tabs. (04.02.2016)
Improvements in handling clicks: direct links to Play Store. (27.01.2016)
New design for InterstitialAd banners.
Support Chrome Custom Tabs for navigation.
New demo app. (11.12.2015)
Improvements in interstitial video ad.
Fixed errors. (21.10.2015)
Fixed error in examples. (29.09.2015)
Support Android M. (14.08.2015)
Support video banners in InterstitialAd.
API changes:
In InterstitialAdListener onDismissDialog method replaced by onDismiss (called for activity and dialog). Added onVideoCompleted method - called for video banners if the user is completely wathced video. (01.07.2015)
Support resizable banners in MyTargetView. (18.06.2015)
Support age and gender parameter in Mopub mediation (320x50 and Interstitial). (17.06.2015)
Improve tracking impressions for NativeAd. (08.06.2015)
Some fixes in NativeAdView.
Fixed bug while saving cache. (03.06.2015)
Fixed onClick method call in listener for MyTargetView. (25.05.2015)
"Age restrictions" block implemented in banners for InterstitialAd. (05.05.2015)
InterstitialAd example fix. (27.04.2015)
Added destroy() method for InterstitialAd.

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