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Creating and setting up a direct transaction in the partner interface

To create a new deal, click on the "Create deal" button in the "Direct deals" subsection of the "Deals" section. You can also click on the link to create a deal https://target.my.com/deals/list/new.
The creation of a direct deal
Configure the parameters of the deal:
1. Type of inventory management

• Guaranteed transaction — in the settings of the advertising campaign myTarget targeting is not available, the platform provides targeting on its side.
• Non-guaranteed deal — in the settings of the advertising campaign myTarget targeting is available, only impressions that fit the targeting conditions are purchased.

2. Traffic purchase period

• If necessary, specify the start and end date of the placement in the calendar.
Term of traffic purchase
3. Financial scheme

• Affiliate — Commission myTarget 50%, Agency Commission pays myTarget.
• Service — Commission myTarget 20%, the Agency Commission pays the site.

4. Setting up the payment model, ad placements, and package on the site

• Select ad placement from the drop-down list, one of the payment models for "Impressions" or "Video Views" and include in the transaction an advertising package of an agreed format with the corresponding financial scheme.
Choosing a payment model
• If you want to limit the amount of impressions on a direct transaction, set a limit on impressions.

• Enter the agreed rate in rubles for the selected type of payment model in the "Rate" field. The price in a direct transaction cannot be lower than the average price in an auction for similar positions. The auction price will be known when the terms of the transaction are agreed with the Agency.

• To prioritize the display of the advertising campaigns in the direct deal before the auction campaigns myTarget, set in the "Priority of transactions" the value from 10 to 49.

• In the "Add participants" a comma-separated list logins to the client myTarget view ***@agency_client. Client logins must be requested from the agency at the time of negotiating the terms of the transaction.

Adding parties to the transaction
• Name and save the transaction using the "Save Transaction" button.

Mandatory transaction settings
  • Guaranteed / Non-Guaranteed
  • Financial scheme
  • Sites
  • "Impressions" or "Video Views"
  • Rate
  • Package
  • Participants of the transaction
  • Transaction name

Optional settings of the transaction(Attention! May limit the amount of traffic,which can lead to slowingor stopping the progress of the RK clients)
  • Start date / End date
  • Display limit
  • Priority
  • Transaction management
To change the status of a deal and view transaction statistics, go to the "Direct Deals" subsection in the vertical menu.
Direct deals in the left menu
The "Campaigns" subsection displays the status and statistics of all advertising campaigns involved in direct deals.
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