Connecting additional accounts

In myTarget, you can connect other accounts to your account and manage them from a single window. This is convenient if you have several accounts of your own or if you want to give access to your account to other users.

You can connect one type of account: only the partner's accounts are connected to the partner's account.

In total, you can attach 50 accounts. You can't connect accounts that other accounts are already connected to.
List of connected additional accounts
How to connect additional accounts
To provide access to your account to another user, open the Profile tab → Access permissions. Click "Add user" and enter the username or email of the user you want to provide access to.

Choose what rights you want to give the user: read-only or advanced rights, and click "Save".
Add user
Access rights
In myTarget, you can configure three levels of access to your account.

The "Read Only" right will allow the user to see your sites, ad units and statistics in his account, but will not allow them to be edited.

The "Create and edit apps/ad units" right allows the user to view and modify your sites and ad units: create, edit, stop, start, delete.

The "Access to Account" right is full access to your balance. A user who has this right can view your balance sheet and documents and withdraw funds from the account.
Be careful: extended rights give other users the ability to manage your account.
How to view accounts
All accounts that you have access to are visible in the "Profile" → "Available Accounts" section. Depending on what rights the account owner has given you, you can:
  • Only view sites, ad units and statistics - if the owner of the main account has given you the "Read Only" right.
  • View and change (that is, create, edit, stop, start, delete) sites, ad units and statistics - if the owner of the main account gave you the right to "Create and edit sites / ad units".
  • View the "Balance" section (account status, payment documents), as well as replenish the balance and withdraw money from the account - if the owner of the main account has given you the right "Access to the account".
All users who have access to your account are visible in the "To whom this account is accessible" section on the "Profile" → "Access Rights" tab. Here you can change the rights or delete the user who was given access.
List of accounts you have access to
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