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Research panels attribution in myTarget

In order to prepare aggregated reports for myTarget advertisers, the provider account can be extended with additional research panel functionality. This functionality is only available for the purpose of generating reports evaluating myTarget ad placements using reporting methods such as Sales Lift, Brand Lift and Targeting Accuracy.

Step 1. Panel Explorer loads the list of panelists (phone numbers or email list) in the section "Other" → "Panel List".

  • File format:*. txt
  • Encoding: utf8
  • Maximum 1 ID in the line
  • Maximum file size: 128 MB
  • Maximum of 5 million lines
Step 2. After loading, the list is available for matching clicks or impressions.

The list is editable: you can add or remove identifiers.
Step 3. The panel explorer adds an advertiser in the "Other" → "Advertisers" section.

The advertiser is added by login to myTarget (the list of logins is provided by the Agency / advertiser before launching the advertising campaign).
Step 4. Upon completion of the advertising campaign, a log file of the following type will be available for download: client_id, ev_type, timestamp.

  • client_id — source user identificator from the list of panelists
  • ev_type — click / impression
  • timestamp — time of click / impression
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