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Working with panel researchers in myTarget

Step 1. Panel Explorer loads the list of panelists (phone numbers or email list) in the section "Other" → "Panel List".

  • File format:*. txt
  • Encoding: utf8
  • Maximum 1 ID in the line
  • Maximum file size: 128 MB
  • Maximum of 5 million lines
Step 2. After loading, the list is available for matching clicks or impressions.

The list is editable: you can add or remove identifiers.
Step 3. The panel explorer adds an advertiser in the "Other" → "Advertisers" section.

The advertiser is added by login to myTarget (the list of logins is provided by the Agency / advertiser before launching the advertising campaign).
Step 4. Upon completion of the advertising campaign, a log file of the following type will be available for download: client_id, ev_type, timestamp.

  • client_id — source user identificator from the list of panelists
  • ev_type — click / impression
  • timestamp — time of click / impression
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