How to correctly place a link to the site

UTM-tags are recommended to be specified in the links to sites and Internet shops (campaign objectives Traffic, Reach, Premium Network Reach, Video Views, Store Visits).

UTM-tags allow for distinguishing users who came to the site on any advertising campaign.

When using visits counter to assess the efficiency of ads displaying special marks for Top, Google Analytics, Openstat and Yandex.Metrics are available.
How to mark the link to the mobile application, read the article
How to add tags
Links tags settings you can choose in the block "Advanced Options" after selecting the banner format.

This setting is only available for campaign objectives Traffic, Reach, Premium Network Reach, Video Views, Store Visits.
Advanced Options block
Select the option to add utm-tags:

  • Add UTM-codes automatically Marks are automatically attached to all ads in the myTarget campaign: utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=mytarget&utm_campaign={{campaign_id}}&utm_content={{banner_id}}. The option is entered by default when creating the campaign.

  • Add UTM-codes manually Here you may add any user marks.For example: utm_campaign={{campaign_id}}&utm_content={{banner_id}}&utm_term={{geo}}_{{gender}}_{{age}}

  • Do not add UTM-codes If this setting is selected no marks are added.

In the interface UTM-codes are stored separately. When the ad is displayed marks are automatically added to URL in the Reference field.
Choosing ad layout
Tags to add manually
You can also tag your URLs with the following placeholders:

  • {{advertiser_id}} – advertiser's id;
  • {{campaign_id}} — advertising campaign id;
  • {{campaign_name}} — advertising campaign name;
  • {{banner_id}} – banner id;
  • {{geo}} – region id by the geo-tree myTarget the user came from.
Correspondence table: id – region name
  • {{gender}} – gender of the user who clicked the link;
  • {{age}} – age of the user who clicked the link.
  • {{random}} – random number. It is often used in the links (audit pixels) for more accurate impressions counting. Assumed values: number. Example:{{random}}
  • {{impression_weekday}} – day of the week in which the banner impression took place. Used in the reference mark. Example: mon, tue, sat
  • {{impression_hour}} – hour at which the impression took place at Moscow time in the 24-hour format. Example: 01, 11, 22
  • {{user_timezone}} – time zone of the user who received impressions. Example: +3
  • {{search_phrase}} — search phrase of the user who received impressions
What actions should be taken, if the link is rejected
The link can be rejected by the system in two cases

  • Incorrect link. Before adding it to the ad click the link and check whether it connects to the existing page of the goods/services advertised. Ensure that the link conforms to the selected format of ads.

  • Link contains a prohibited redirect.If the link is given by any partner network you should apply to such network for clarifications.

If it is your redirect then you should file a request for including it in the approved list of redirects and enter into the partnership agreement with the myTarget in order to undergo moderation. For this:

  1. Submit documents of the legal entity.

  2. File a request for entering into an agency agreement.

  3. Describe purposes you plan to use a redirect for.

  4. Provide examples of advertised materials.

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