How to correctly specify macros in a tracking-link

Ad link for mobile apps should contain the following macros (valuetrack parameters, URL parameters):
    • {{advertiser_id}} – advertiser's id;
    • {{campaign_id}} – advertising campaign id;
    • {{campaign_name}} – advertising campaign name;
    • {{banner_id}} – banner id;
    • {{geo}} – region id where user came from.
    Correspondence table: id - name of the region
    • {{gender}} – sex of the user who clicked the link;
    • {{age}} – age of the user who clicked the link;
    • {{random}} – random number. It is often used in the links (audit pixels) for more accurate impressions counting. Assumed values: number. Example:{{random}}
    • {{impression_weekday}} – day of the week in which the banner impression took place. Used in the reference mark. Example: mon, tue, sat;
    • {{impression_hour}} – hour at which the impression took place at Moscow time in the 24-hour format. Example: 01, 11, 22;
    • {{user_timezone}} – time zone of the user who received impressions. Example: +3
    • {{search_phrase}} – search phrase of the user.
    These parameters will allow for receiving sufficient data to optimize advertising campaigns. To transfer other parameters see your tracker reference.

    Examples of links for popular trackers:
    Read about the transfer of other parameters in the help of your tracker (myTracker, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Appmetrica, Tenjin).
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