Ad placement statistics

The myTarget service provides all main types of statistics: impressions, clicks, CTR, write-offs, and you can also configure the display of conversion data from the Top.Mail.Ru counter and conversion in applications.

How to see ad placement statistics

In myTarget you can get detailed statistics on your advertising campaigns. One of the settings is statistics on placements. This is useful if you want to compare the effectiveness of different advertising sites or ad formats within a single advertising campaign.

To view statistics on placements, go to the "Statistics" section, select an advertising campaign, and click the "Slices" button.

Statistics is available in three sections:

  • Device type: mobile and desktop platforms.

  • Platform: social networks, myTarget advertising network, Mail.Ru Group services, etc.

  • Format: banner, native block, column, etc.

You can select from 1 to 3 cuts at the same time.
Select slices to display
Click the arrow to expand the data.
Ad placement statistics
For each slice combination (device type, platform, format) are displayed Impressions, Clicks, Expense, CTR, CPC, eCPM and other statistics indicators that you have included in the settings.

The content of the sections typically corresponds to the site tree when you set up the campaign. For example, for CPM, data is divided into all three sections, and for CPC, data is divided according to the device type, while the remaining sections are without separation: in the "Platform" and "Format" columns there will be "All".
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