Data source: Apps (VK)

You can set up your ad to be seen only by users who have used specific applications in the network To do this, configure the VK Applications data source and create a segment based on it.

To add applications click on the tab "Audience" → "VK Apps". Start typing its name and select the application from the list. The list will be only those applications that are used by at least 1 000 people.
Select applications to create a source
Add sources to the audience segment. Click the "Audience" → "List of segments" and click "Create segment".

Click "Add segments": the list contains the segments and data sources you added earlier. You can create new segments based on existing segments.

Select one or more sources and click "Add segment". You can add or exclude users who have used the application from the segment.
Creating a segment based on the VK Application source
After that, configure the created segment.
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