Data source: In-App Events

You can display ads only to users who have already installed and used your app. To do this, connect the application to myTarget, configure the tracker and create an audience segment.
Step 1. Connect the app to myTarget

Send a support request in the email, provide a link to your app page in the store.
Step 2. Configure the transfer of data from the tracker

Use instruction:
After that, the applications connected to the account will appear on "In-app Events" tab:
List of connected applications
Step 3. Create an audience segment

On the basis of events reported in myTracker your application you can create segments of audiences. For example, select an audience that added items to cart but didn't make a purchase and show ads to those people.

To create a new segment, click on "Audience" → "List of segments" and click "Create segment".

Click "Add audience segments" and select "Event applications".

Select the desired application and deploy it to go to the selection of events:
Application selection
Configure event settings:
  • using the switch, choose whether or not to include in the audience the users who committed the action,
  • specify the time period that you want to assess for your audience.
Information about the achievements of user events is stored for 360 days.
Keep in mind that event data begins to accumulate from the moment you connect your app to myTarget. You can have noticeable results from this type of targeting if your app's audience is large enough.
After that, configure the created segment.
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