Interaction with panel researchers in myTarget

The advertiser directly agrees with the panel researcher on the terms of cooperation.

  • When running an ad campaign, myTarget matches users who were shown banners with a list of panelists.
  • At the end of the ad campaign, the panel gets access to the log of actions of users who saw or clicked the ad campaigns.
  • The panel researcher provides the advertiser with a report on the impact of this advertising campaign on the brand recognition (awareness), sales lift, etc. metrics.

Currently, you can work with panel researchers: 36.6 Pharmacy chain, Detsky Mir, Magnit, OMI, Tiburon, X5 Retail Group


Step 1. The advertiser requests from their account manager access to attribution of ad campaigns with panel researchers. In the request, you must specify the advertiser's username in myTarget and the placement formats.

Step 2. The advertiser sends the myTarget login to the panel explorer to enable the selection of the corresponding panel (for example: xxxx@agency.client).
You must provide the advertiser's username. Logins of agencies and managers are not allowed to be provided.
Step 3. After confirming the login connection from the panel researcher, the advertiser starts an advertising campaign in the myTarget interface and selects one of the panels that will perform the research.
The panel is connected only when the ad campaign is created. You can't enable, disable, or change the selected panel after creating an ad campaign.
Step 4. When creating an advertising campaign is required to specify the period of the campaign. You cannot change the period any further.

Step 5. After the end of the advertising campaign, the panel researcher receives a log (1-2 days).
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