How to set up notifications

How to add an email address
You can set up notifications about moderation of your advertising materials. To do this, in the "Profile" → "Contact information" in the "Email" box add your mail.
Adding address
In addition to the main address you can configure 5 more accounts. To add a new mailbox, click "Add more". To delete, click the trash can icon.
How to set up notifications
You can receive notifications by Telegram or by mail.

For notifications in the messenger in the "Telegram" section, click "Connect bot".

For notifications via mail, in the "Email" section, mark the necessary addresses.
By default, the email that you specified during registration is selected in the settings. You can also send letters to:
  • agency email (if the user is an agency client),
  • email of the representative office (if the user is a client of the representative office),
  • account email (if any),
  • additional account email (if any).
Setting up notifications
In the "Notification themes" section, select the topics you want to be informed about.

When done, click "Save".
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