To increase your audience, you can use the Look-alike extension.

If you have a list of users or data of counter Top.Mail.Ru, you can choose an audience that is similar in many ways to these users.
How to create a campaign on Look-alike users
To target your campaign to new users who are similar to yours, use Look-alike when creating a campaign. For this:
  1. create a Look-alike
  2. create a Look-alike Segment
  3. create an advertising campaign and add the created segment to it (block "To" → "Segments").
Creation of Look-alike source
You can expand your audience by Look-alike on the basis of the "User List" of any type and Top.Mail.Ru counter.

You can create Look-alike in two ways.

Method 1.
Open the "Audiences" tab and go to the Look-alike menu. Click "Create Look-alike".
Creating a Look-alike Audience
Method 2.
Use quick links.
  • To create a Look-alike based on the count Top.Mail.Ru open tab "Audience" → "Counters Top.Mail.Ru" and in column "Look-alike" click "Create".
  • To create a Look-alike based on the downloaded list of users, go to the "Audiences" tab → "User Lists" and in the "Reach" column click "Increase".
Fast creating Look-alike
Next, select the source and enter the audience name.
Choose the name and settings of the Look-alike audience
You can create Look-alike only from your own data source. Sources shared with you cannot be used.
You can expand the audience for Look-Alike on the basis of the "List of users" of any type and counter Top.Mail.Ru.

Select a source and enter an audience name.
Audience Look-Alike Name and Settings
For Look-alike, based on the Top.Mail.Ru counter, you can choose people who have fulfilled or not fulfilled the specified conditions, and the depth of the period that is taken into account. The period always starts from the current moment (from = 0) and should end no more than 60 days ago.

Calculation of an extended audience usually takes several hours. After creation the status of the audience will change.
Do not build an audience only on the basis of all visitors to the site — such an audience Look-alike will be of poor quality. Select users who have made a target action, for example, put an item in the shopping cart or viewed at least 5 products, and build a new audience on the basis of this list.
To use Look-alike in an advertising campaign, you must create a segment based on it.
This can be done manually after creating Look-Alike or during creation it:
By default, a segment is created based on each Look-Alike
Please note that if you create an audience segment at the same time as Look-Alike, first Look-alike is calculated, then a segment is created, after which the campaigns in which it is used start working. This may take several hours.
The maximum guaranteed coverage that myTarget provides is 3 million users. The greater the match, the smaller the audience will be applied and versa.

By default, the segment will include 1.2 million relevant users.

The Look-alike audience will be updated every four days, if segment, which was created on the basis of Look-alike, is used in active advertising campaigns. Users from the original selection will not be included in the Look-alike list, so you can reach only the new audience.
Matching users to a given audience
How many source users do you need to create a Look-alike list
The minimum number of mapped users in the source that is required to build Look-alike must be greater than 1000.

The result of creating Look-alike based on lists and counters with a small number of users (less than 3000) depends on the quality of the history of these users for the specified period. If there is not enough data to build, Look-alike will have the status "Failed".

The list on the basis of which Look-alike is built should be loaded into myTarget or refreshed not earlier than 90 days ago.
How many audiences can be created
You can create only one extended audience per user list.

For the counter it is possible to build only one Look-alike for each combination goal + period.

You can use extended audiences that you have already created when you create other audiences.

Look-alike created on the basis of user lists will be periodically recalculated and always remain up to date. Look-alike, created on the basis of counters, will work as long as data about new users is received.
Look-alike List
Providing access to Look-alike
To share your Look-alike audiences, add them to a segment, and then share the segment. Read more
Assess user compliance with a given audience
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