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Integration of myTarget with MAT (Mobile App Tracking) tracker

How to integrate myTarget with MAT (Mobile App Tracking)

To track myTarget ad campaigns in the Mobile App Tracking, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Attribution Analytics section.
2. Select "Integrated partners".
3. Type "myTarget" in the search bar.
4. Click the "Create Measurement URL" button.
5. In the opened window, select your application.
6. In "My Parameters" specify the following values:
7. In the "Advanced Parameters" specify:
8. Click "Save" and use the resulting link in the ads.
9. In the case of MAT, you will get a ready link with the necessary macros to optimize the advertising campaign.

Link template:
List of valid macros is listed here.

10. Set up postbacks so that myTarget can exclude from the announcements your current users who already have the application installed.

  • In the "Integrated Partners" section, find myTarget again and click on the myTarget icon.
  • Go to the "Postbacks" section, select "Custom" and click "Add Postback URL"
  • Choose a postback title
  • In the "Postback Template" specify "Mailru server postback | install | All"
  • Select the application and the Event Name "Install"
  • Select the setting "Send all events (attributed, organic, or unattributed) to this partner"
  • Save Postback

More information about setting up a tracker is in MAT documentation.

How to set up in-app events

  1. Log in MAT.
  2. In the "Partners" section, click "Integration".
  3. On the "Integrated Partners" page, select "myTarget".
  4. Select the "Return Data" tab and click "Templates".
5. In the "Data Return Templates" section, select the data return category.
6. Enable the desired events.
7. To see for which applications postback is configured, click View Details.

The data return URL will start working in about 10 minutes. To edit the return URL or add parameters, read the instructions on the MAT website.
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