Integration of myTarget with the tracker

How to integrate MyTarget with

Enable integration with myTarget. To do this, open the "Partner Management" dashboard in the Branch interface, find the "myTarget" in the list and activate it.

Prepare links for each platform, as usual, and add the platform and partner parameters in the DeepLink tab.
Android App ID (например, io.branch.branchster) или iTunes ID (например, id917737838)
Make sure that you add these options, otherwise myTarget will block your links.

Link for using in myTarget:

How to set up in-app events

To set up in-app events, open "Postback Config" and click "Add new postback"

How to configure displaying of events in the myTarget account

To see events from the mobile tracker in your account in myTarget, connect the application. Follow the instructions

After connecting the mobile tracker and setting up access to the application, we recommend setting up the transfer of events and their values from your tracker to myTarget and enable postview conversion attribution. Checklist effective application settings
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