Digital Indoor Advertising

Digital Indoor advertising is an advertising format from VK on media screens in the Perekrestok supermarket chain. Using the format, you can increase your image metrics and launch omnichannel performance campaigns.

The tool allows you to independently launch advertising on media screens in the Perekrestok supermarket chain. With its help, you can set up the display of videos at points of sale in more than 30 cities of Russia, motivate store visitors to buy and evaluate the return on investment in promotion.

The product allows you to significantly reduce the marketing funnel and motivate the consumer to buy right in the store, and the possibility of promotion directly from the myTarget dashboard helps to build omnichannel campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness, including the impact on real online and offline sales.
Ad display locations
Advertising display can be configured on more than 3.2 thousand media screens in Perekrestok supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. All media screens are located at points of high traffic, including near cash registers. Commercials are shown on all video media in the store simultaneously and with sound. In addition, a selection of the broadcast period is available.
Setting up ads
1. Select the Indoor advertising objective.
2. Select the length of the video.
3. Select the broadcast period of the advertisement.
You can set the period for displaying video ads by days of the week. The minimum period is 2 days, the broadcast dates of the campaign should be in the future.
4. Specify offline points.
In the parameters, you can set the actual stores for displaying videos. To do this, you can select the relevant areas on the map or add the supermarket IDs in the list. The minimum amount to run an advertising campaign is 1 store.
When adding offline points to the list, make sure that all stores have been recognized by the system.
You can also select a specific area with offline spots for streaming videos. To do this, enlarge the map, select "Select by drawing area" and specify the area in which you want to display ads.
If you need to exclude offline points of a certain area from displaying ads, select "Delete by drawing area" and select the corresponding area on the map.
Red indicates remote area, green - added. To remove all objects from the map, click "Clear".
5. Specify the number of ad impressions.
When you start promotion in supermarkets, payment is made for impressions*, the campaign budget is calculated automatically depending on the number of impressions selected for the specified period in the specified number of stores.
You can set the total number of impressions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or in the Regions.

To select the number of impressions, we recommend taking into account the following restrictions:
  • The minimum placement period is 2 days.
  • The minimum number of stores is 1 unit.
  • The maximum number of impressions in 1 store is 1008 impressions per day.
  • The minimum number of impressions to create a campaign is 1200
An example of calculating the number of impressions for a campaign establishment:
To create a campaign for the minimum period (2 days) and the minimum number of stores (1) with the maximum number of impressions per day, you must enter 2 016 impressions (2 * 1 * 1008) in the ad account

*Impression is the output of a video on 1 screen in 1 store.
The maximum available number of impressions for 1 unique video is 1 time per 10 minutes.
6. Add creatives for your ad.
6.1 Upload a video.
Once uploaded, the videos are available in the media library in the "Ads" section. When creating a new advertising campaign, you can use them without re-uploading to your account.

Video requirements

  • Timing: 5/10/15/20/25/30 seconds
  • Compression (format): mp4 (H.264), Quick Time / MOV, Windows media video / WMV
  • Scan type: progressive scan (borderless)
  • Frame rate: 25 fps
  • Aspect ratio: 16x9
  • Resolution: not less than 1280x720
  • Bitrate: at least 6000 kbps (preferably CBR)
    • Bit depth: 16 bit
    • Sampling rate: 48 kHz
    • Bitrate: at least 192 kbps (preferably CBR
      Please note that the number of frames in the video must correspond to the declared timing of the video. For example, 1 second = 25 frames, 15 seconds = 375 frames, 10 seconds = 250 frames. In case of discrepancy, the demonstration of each frame is not guaranteed.
      6.2. Drag a video from your library to your ad.

      6.3. Fill in the authors of the musical composition and its lyrics.
      If there is no music in the video or there are no lyrics in the music composition, write "No" in the appropriate fields. As the author of the music/text, you can only specify the full name, pseudonym, or name of the musical group.
      6.4. Click "Save Ad".

      7. Check that the entered data is correct and click "Create Campaign".
      Please note that after this action it will not be possible to make changes to the campaign. The campaign will be sent for moderation. It takes two working days to pass moderation and start showing ads - keep this in mind when creating a campaign.
      You can track the status of the moderation in the "Campaigns" tab in the "Broadcast" column of the table.
      Accommodation cost
      The cost of running ads depends on the length of the video. The base cost of 1000 impressions of a video with a duration of 5/10/15 seconds in a chain of stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 400 rubles (excluding VAT), in the regions of the Russian Federation - 340 rubles (without VAT). For videos with a duration of more than 15 seconds, a surcharge of + 30% to the base rate is applied.
      Analysis of campaign results
      On the third day after the launch of an advertising campaign in myTarget, you can evaluate the results of broadcasting ads in the "Outdoor advertising" section in the "Statistics" tab. In the table, you can track the basic parameters of advertising - the number of actual impressions, the limit of impressions per campaign, the percentage of this indicator ("Spread,%") and the spent budget.
      By clicking on the "Download report" button, you can download more detailed statistics on OTS and impressions by stores by day. After the end of the advertising campaign, links to screenshots for the first and last day of the campaign will be available in this statistics. If the ad did not passed moderation by the first day of the campaign, then the screenshots will be available only for the last day of the campaign.

      At the end of the campaign, you can download the final report by clicking the "Total" button. It will include average ad contact frequency, reach, number of impressions, OTS by city, and budget spent on the campaign.

      Sales Lift

      You can also evaluate the impact of video ads on retail sales using the Sales Lift report.

      The score is available to all advertisers if the following conditions are met:
      • purchased at least 1.5 million ad impressions in stores in Moscow and / or St. Petersburg or at least 2 million ad impressions in the Russian Federation;
      • broadcasting period of the campaign: from 2 weeks;
      • the presence of the advertised product on the shelf at offline points of displaying advertising.
      To receive the Sales Lift report, you must inform about this by mail 5 working days before the launch of the campaign: indicating the account login in myTarget and the advertised brand.
      Re-engage with your ad audience using remarketing
      You can continue communication with the audience reached in supermarkets on the Internet by connecting remarketing campaigns. On the third day of the advertising campaign, you will receive a letter with a link to the mail linked to your account (example). Follow it to activate the segments in the myTarget account. Anonymized segments will appear in the "User Lists" section ("Audiences" tab). The data in them is updated daily until the end of the promotion. Thus, users who have contacted the videos in stores can show new offers on the VK projects resources and in the advertising network.
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