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25% / 50% / 75%
The number of views of the promotional video (25 %, 50% or 75%).

Share of advertising expenses, which is calculated as the ratio of advertising expenses to revenues multiplied by 100%.

Audience segments
Data from which you can collect the audience segment.

Audience segment
Segment of users on which you can target your ad.

Audience source
Data from which you can collect the audience segment.

Audio clip
Advertising format: an audio clip that is played on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, in the VK Music application before other recordings on desktops and mobile devices. Listening is counted from ¾ from the entire video.

Average frequency
The average daily frequency of the ad for the selected period.

Average view rate
Ratio of average viewing time to number of video runs multiplied by 100%.

Advertising format: an ad with a picture of 240x400 pixels, which is used mainly for website promotion. Banners can be different types: image, HTML5, video in the showcase of games.

Type of promotional post in Odnoklassniki mobile feed. When user clicks on the post, he goes to a full-screen page with content.

Advertising format: a banner consisting of several ads that can be flipped through.

The number of clicks on the ad for the selected period of time.

Click on external URL
The number of clicks on an external link (for example, to the advertiser's website) in the ad.

A site visit that ended with the execution of a targeted action (for example, a product is placed in a basket, a section with discounts is viewed).

Contextual advertising
Text ads that users see when they search.

Context targeting
Technology that broadcasts advertising to users in accordance with their search queries and other actions (search for goods or services, transitions by categories/product cards, on resources VK projects - Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Youla, Search etc.).

Counter Top.Mail.Ru
A web analytics counter that allows you to collect information about users' actions on the site.

Cost of full view
The cost of viewing a promotional video in full, defined as the ratio of write-offs to completed views.


The number of users suitable for the selected advertising targeting conditions.

CPA (Cost Per Action)
The cost of the target action — the ratio of the cost of an advertising campaign to the number of target actions.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
Cost per click and user transition to the site.

CPI (Cost Per Install)
The cost of installing the application - the ratio of the cost of an advertising campaign to the number of installations.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)
The cost of the lead - the contact information of the visitor interested in advertising.

CPM (Cost Per Mille)
Cost per thousand ad impressions.

CR (Conversion Rate)
The conversion rate is the ratio of the number of conversions to the number of clicks multiplied by 100%.

Cross-platform video posts
A format that allows you to advertise posts with videos in the Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki feed, using them as a single advertising platform. So, if you choose one video display for each unique user, after watching the video in one of the social networks, for example, on a smartphone, a similar advertisement on the desktop in another social network. the network will no longer be shown.

Cross-sectional formats
Formats of advertising that are shown both on desktops (computers and laptops) and on mobile devices.

CTR (Click-Through Rate)
Ad click rate is the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of ad impressions multiplied by 100%.

Deep Link
A link with which a user can get into a specific section of a mobile application, bypassing other sections.

Desktop format
The format of advertising, which is broadcast on PCs and laptops (in the full version of the sites).

DMP (Data Management Platform)

A platform that accumulates, manages and organizes data about users.

DMP segments
Audience segments collected by third-party data owners on special platforms that accumulate and systematize information about users.

Dynamic remarketing

A technology that allows advertisements of certain products or services to be shown to users who have previously viewed them on your site.

eCPA (Effective Cost Per Action)
Conversion cost — the ratio of the number of write-offs to the number of conversions. The metric shows the price of the target action in the alternative pay ad campaign.

Feed in social networks: Odnoklassniki, MM, VKontakte.

Full views
Completed video views — number of viewed promotional videos. The metric is only available for video formats.

Full views share
Percentage of completed video views-the ratio of the number of searches to the number of video runs multiplied by 100%.

Fullscreen video
The video ad format shown on the myTarget mobile network.

Goal Top.Mail.Ru
A tool that allows you to track specific actions on your site. This may be adding a product to the cart, viewing a specific section of the site, visiting the landing page - any action that is important for you.

Growth of reach
Increase in the number of unique users for the selected period.

The moment the ad is displayed to the user in the browser or mobile application for the selected period.

Increase in coverage
Increase in the number of unique users for the selected period.

The number of clicks on the "Join" button in the ad indicating joining the group.

Number of ad launches.

Lead ads
Ad format with a note to collect user contact information.

The number of applications submitted by users through the Lead Ads form. Applications can be received by mail or downloaded from the interface.

The number of marks "Like" in Odnoklassniki or VK, which users responded to the advertisement.

The technology allows you to find users similar to the original audience on the behavior on the Internet.

Native position
Arrangement of advertising so that it is perceived as part of the site being viewed. Considers the features of the site and is not identified as advertising.

Mobile format
The format of advertising on smartphones and tablets in the mobile version of sites and applications.

Mobile Application Tracker
A service for analytics of a mobile application that allows you to collect information about users of the application, their actions in the application, track the source of installations, etc.

Moving into a group
Users who have moved from an advertising promo post to an advertiser group.

Optimized fee per 1000 impressions — the amount at the selected rate for each display of the mobile application with optimization by settings.

Opening the app
Number of clicks to the app from the ad.

A video format that contains AutoPlay and is shown outside the video stream when the player falls within the user's line of sight.

Pixel Top.Mail.Ru
Service tool, which allows you to collect the audience of the site, advertising campaign in a third-party network or system - where you can not use the full code counter Top.Mail.Ru.

Postback (pingback, s2s pixel)
Data transmitted from the metric partner (or from the ad) to the myTarget statistics interface.

Video ad format up to 30 seconds, which is shown before watching the main video.

Price list
The file with the data of goods on your site is needed to configure dynamic remarketing.

Product Feed
An XML file containing information about the products (products or services) offered by the advertiser, such as the product name, price, links to graphic images and other parameters.

The cost that the advertiser is willing to pay for the target action (click on the ad, install the
application, etc.)

During the creation of the campaign — the number of users suitable for the selected conditions of advertising targeting.
The campaigns table shows the number of unique users who saw your ads from the start date of the campaign to the end of the selected period.

Remarketing (retargeting)
A technology that allows you to show ads or exclude from the audience those users who were on your site or in an application.

Rewarded video
A special full-screen video that is shown in the mobile applications of the mobile network myTarget. The main purpose of watching such a video is to get the local currency of the applications (mostly gaming).

Return on investment; calculated as the ratio of the difference between income and advertising expenses to the total amount of advertising costs multiplied by 100%.

The number of reposts by users of the social network.

The advertizing multiformat which unites all opportunities of video advertising myTarget, standardizes and simplifies work thanks to automatic adaptation of advertizing under different formats of placement.

A technology that allows you to target ads to a specific audience, taking into account socio-demographic, geographical characteristics and interests.

Targeted Advertising
Text, display, or multimedia ads that are shown only to those users who meet a specific set of requirements set by the advertiser.

A small ad that is used to promote websites on the desktop in the right and left columns on Odnoklassniki and My World social networks and on VK projects. Teaser consists of an image and a small text.

Tracking link
A link with which you can track downloads and installs of a mobile application. Such a link is generated in the mobile application tracker.

Viewed 10 seconds
The number of video views in the ad is more than 10 seconds.

Viral metrics
Metrics that measure ad views and activity (Like, Share, Comment) on friends pages.

The number of users who voted in the ad.

UTM tag (label)
A parameter passed to the page URL and transmitting the conversion or user data to the web analytics system.
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