Types of geography

In some cases, when setting up geography, myTarget displays "Nothing Found". If you did not find your city, try changing the type of geo targeting:


We have information about users and we can claim that users behave the same in the region and in the city within this region.

Example: if you want to target your advertising materials to the Kirov city, but you did not find it, we recommend you use the Kirov region. It is impossible to distinguish user behavior between the city of Kirov and the Kirov region.

Local targeting

If you have an offline business, we recommend using the Local Targeting tool.

Local advertising allows you to show ads to those users who are in a given geographical location with an accuracy of several meters.

The reach/number of users is available to you, it will provide an understanding of the size of the available audience for the selected targeting.

Please note that broadcasting is subject to the CONDITIONS of this function. Those not by actual location, but by the principle of recent visits or regular visits to specified points.
Setting local geo
Local advertising has less user reach than using the "Geography" setting and remarketing on the "List of geo-regions".

Reaching users is available in the "Local Advertising" block and is not taken into account in the "Audience Predictor".

If in the "Geography" block in the settings of the advertising campaign you have not selected any region, this means broadcasting around the world.
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