How to manage campaigns

How to see your campaigns
All campaigns are displayed in the Campaigns → Campaigns tab.

You can filter campaigns by status:
Select campaigns to display
You can search campaigns by name and ID. When searching, statuses are taken into account: if you select "Active Campaigns", then the search will be only for campaigns with the status "Active". To search among all campaigns, select Campaigns → All.
Searching campaign by the name
To find all campaigns for a specific time, select a period in the calendar.
How to set up a table
To manage the content of the table with data, click "Settings".
Table setup
You will see a list of all metrics:
Setting a table's content
Using the search or manually select the desired metrics, and they will appear in the table. Metrics within groups (for example, "Full views share" from "All Video Metrics") cannot be turned off.
Finding metrics
If your campaign has a daily or total budget, you can visualize costs. So you can see in the list of campaigns in which the daily limit is almost exhausted.
  • campaigns are highlighted in green, in which 50-30% of the budget is left,
  • red - campaigns in which 30-1% of the budget is left,
  • crossed out numbers are campaigns in which the budget has been fully spent.
To enable the display of expenses, in the settings, select "Key indicators" → "Campaign budget, ₽" → "Visualize spent".
Finding metrics
To see what split test settings the campaign has, in the settings in the "Basic metrics" section, click "Split test".
In the block "Quick statistics" you can select a period (5-60 minutes) and metrics (clicks-impressions-CTR). In the table, the content changes accordingly.

All statistics and metrics of your campaigns are collected in one table. Table columns can be dragged, changed their width, turn on or off the desired metrics.
Moving columns within a table
The table can be sorted by all columns, using this, it is easy to find, for example, campaigns that have received the largest number of impressions over a selected period.
Sorting values in a table
The top line of the table displays summary data for all campaigns for the selected period.

All changes to the table settings are automatically saved: the next time you log into the interface, you will see it in the same form.
Fast statistics and ad statuses
The status column shows the current status of the campaign in color. If the icon is green, there are no problems in translation. If it is red, the campaign is not broadcast for some reason. To find out the reasons for not showing, move the cursor over the red icon (or click on it): in the window that appears you will see the reason for not showing.
The reason why the campaign is not broadcast
In the "Quick statistics" column you can see preliminary statistics for the last few minutes.

Setting up quick statistics:
Setting up quick statistics
You can choose to display in text form:
Displaying quick statistics in text view
Or graphically:
Displays quick statistics in graphical form
You can select a period (5-60 minutes) and metrics (clicks-impressions-CTR). In the table, the content changes accordingly.
How to manage campaigns
You can change bids, statuses and texts in multiple ads at the same time. To do this, use the menu "Actions":

  1. Click the Campaigns → Campaigns tab. Select the campaigns you want to edit.
  2. Click "Actions" and select the option you want.

Please note: The maximum number of objects to carry out mass actions should not exceed 200 pcs.

Bid change

In the "Bid" column, click on the value, and in the window that opens, set the desired rate.
Change bid campaign

Change campaign status

With the switch, you can stop-start campaigns.
Changing status

Copy Campaigns

Select a campaign, the "Copy" item will appear in the "Actions" menu.

Edit a campaign

To get to the campaign editing page, click on the campaign name in the table.

Note! Mass actions are available for all campaigns, except for campaigns in the "Deleted" status.
For campaigns that have not received impressions and transitions for 30 days, the status changes to "Deleted."
To quickly reload statistics, use the "Update Statistics" button.
Statistics are displayed for 3 months. If you want to see data for a longer period, use the "Custom Report".
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