Custom Reports

"Custom Reports" is a tool for uploading detailed statistics on advertising campaigns, banners or the whole account to a file. Statistics is available for the year.

If you upload a file for a long period and for a large number of campaigns, be prepared for a large file size: try setting a short period of time (2-3 days) first or choose a small number of campaigns. The maximum size of the file being uploaded is 200,000 lines, the remaining lines will not fall into the file.

Constructor for split testing

The report allows for quick and convenient analytics of successful targeting without split testing. To analyze:

  1. Start a wide advertising campaign with a lot of creatives without targeting.

  2. Run a test campaign.

  3. Identify the segments that work best.

Report creation

  1. Go to "Statistics" tab → "Report Designer" → "Create".

  2. Select the objects on which the report will be create: by account, campaigns or banners:
  • by account: the report will get the total statistics of the account for the specified metrics;
  • by campaigns/ by banners: only statistics for selected campaigns or bannerswill be included in the report. To do this, click "Select" and select the desired campaigns or banners.
Reporting Objects
To select multiple campaigns or ads, click "Change" and check all that are required.
Campaign selection
3. Select a period and detail.

4. Select report slices: gender, age, geography, interests, context phrases.

Report Details
5. Select report metrics: Clicks, impressions, conversions, charges, CTR, CR, CPA.

6. If you want to include conversion data in the report, mark: CR, CPA.

7. Select a report name and save it.
Название отчета

List of reports

After creating the report, a list of reports will open.
List of reports
On this page you can see a table with a list of reports and download ready-made reports. Available sorting by all columns of the table. You can download reports in XLSX and CSV formats.

To delete reports, select them from the list and select "Actions" → "Delete".
Delete report

Report Statuses

  • Download: report is ready, you can download and use.

  • Creating / Processed: the report is being processed, it will take several minutes. There is no need to refresh the page, the status will change automatically.

  • Error: generating a report is failed. Click on the error text to get detailed information.

Report content

Ready report
Sample paged file:

  • gender: M - men; F - women; U - unknown sex
  • age — age, up to a year
  • geo / geo_txt — georegion
  • Interests / interests_txt — interests
  • Day — date
  • campaign_id — campaign id
  • Clicks
  • Shows
  • Conversions
  • Money — debit in user currency
  • ctr,% — click-through rate
  • cr — conversion rate
  • cpa — cost per action
Please note that if interests are selected, there will be no summary data in the report. This is due to the fact that users who have seen or clicked on an ad may have several interests. So one user's click or display have several interests, which are incorrect to add.

Column headings are downloaded in the language assigned in the "Profile" section.
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