Apps and domains blacklists

Advertisers can create domains and apps blacklists in myTarget to control their ads placements.

This functionality is available on request — please contact your account Manager to get access to it.
Creating a blacklist
Start off with preparing a list of domains or apps bundleIDs.
Please pay attention that if you blacklist a domain all it's subdomains will be also blacklisted (ex. blacklisting will lead to and also being blacklisted)
Apps bundleIDs are their identifiers in Google Play or AppStore. You can find them in store URLs.

For example, bundleIDs for Mail app are:

Google Play:


Choose "Blackisted domains" or "Blacklisted apps" while in the "Other" tab and press "Create". You can either paste your blacklist into input field or upoad a .txt file. All entries should be either comma or line break separated. The max blacklist size is 5 000 entries or 64 KB.
Creating a list of blacklisted domains
Creating a list of blacklisted domains
Domains list example:,,

Apps list example:

310633997, 310633100, 310633432

Choose a name for your blacklist and press "Save" button. Your blacklist will be processed. If any errors arise you will recieve an error message outlining the error reason and ways of resolving it. You can either fix them in the blacklist's card or reupload the file after resolving all the errors.

Add blacklist to your camapign by choosing one on the campaign creation screen.
Enable blacklist when creating a campaign
Editing and deleting a blacklist
You can edit a blacklist by adding and removing entries from it. Press "Edit" near the blacklist's name. Choose the desired action and procceed editing it via a text input or file upload. Press the "Save" button when you're done.

Depending on the action you've chosen the entries will be added or removed from the blacklist.
Window for adding a domain to an existing list
You can also delete entries from the blacklist's card. Choose the domains or apps you want to delete and press the corresponding button. Don't forget to press the "Save" button when you're done.
Removing domains from the blacklist
To delete a blacklist press a cross button at the right of the line with the blacklist's name and confirm your action. After deletion the blackist will no longer influence the related campaigns ads placements.
Removing the blacklist
Exporting a blacklist
You can save your blacklist or it's part as a text file. Enter the card view by clicking the blacklist's name, choose the entries you want and press "Save as file". The whole blacklist will be saved if you don't explicitly choose any entries.
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