The certification program for partners working with the myTarget API is designed to identify the highest quality applications that allow to improve the quality of work with the targeted advertising system.

Certified applications can count on myTarget's support, including prioritizing API usage issues.

The list of certified applications already contains 3 systems that have proven the quality of their solutions.

Below is a list of requirements for certification, but the main requirement: your system must be continuously improved and bring new useful functionality to the market.
Certification of advertising management platforms


  • he total turnover of customers of the application for 3 months – more than 4 million rubles.
  • The presence of at least 10 qualified customers (direct advertisers or agencies) - the total turnover for each of them in the last 3 months should exceed 300 thousand rubles.
  • The turnover of any of the customers (direct advertiser or Agency) should not exceed 25% of the turnover of all customers of the application.
  • The number of active clients in each of the last 3 months is at least 20.


  • Ability to create, edit and delete banners and advertising campaigns.
  • Support for audiences and audience targeting.
  • Management of advertising campaigns, implementation of at least one management strategy (bid management)
  • Display of statistics (correct-corresponding to reality), fast statistics.
  • Integration with Yandex.Metric or Google Analytics, post-click analysis.
  • High-quality user support, support service.
  • One physical client must have only one myTarget account. It is unacceptable to create multiple accounts for one client, or to glue multiple accounts for one client.
  • The user should be able to remove their binding to the application using the API method.


  • Use Authorization Code Grant schemes for all clients and Agency Client Credentials Grant schemes for Agency clients.
  • Compliance with limits the number of requests to resources. The application must implement the logic of sending requests to the API in accordance with the limits set for the request.
  • Proper management of tokens. For each account in a normal situation, the token should be received once when the system receives the initial permission from the user. Then only the token update is used – in a normal situation once a day.
  • Group requests when receiving / changing information on a group of identical objects.
  • Do not make requests for statistics for a long time (more than a day) more often than once a day during normal operation of the service.
  • When objects are changed, send only the changed fields.
Certification of technology agencies
Agencies that use the API professionally can be certified and receive the status of "Technology Agency". To obtain this status, the Agency must meet the Technical and Functional requirements for the platforms, and have a total turnover for the last 3 months of more than 4 million rubles.
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