Weborama Interactive Prerolls (Type: Video)

Device type: desktop format
Platform: Weborama
Placement: preroll


Requirements to .zip-archive
  • .zip archive should contain .html file and all used resources
  • The following types of resources are allowed: .png, .js, .xml, .css,. mp4, .webm
  • Maximum size of zip archive: 6 Mb
  • File names must be in Latin
  • Text files must be utf-8 encoded
  • The click url attribute in the AdParameters section must be present as the target url
  • The ~MEDIAPATH ~ macro must be present in the AdParameters section of the vpaid.xml resource
  • It is forbidden to access external resources
Sample code with click url markup and ~MEDIAPATH macro~:
// в секции AdParameters
"mediapath": "~MEDIAPATH~",
"mediafiles": [
"clicks": {
   "default": "https://target.my.com/pro/research/the-growth-of-video-advertising?utm_medium=cpm&utm_source=mytarget&utm_campaign={{campaign_id}}&utm_content={{banner_id}}"
The scope of the rendering of interactive content
To avoid intersections with player controls, VPAID elements must be drawn inside the safe area:
- positioning relative to the upper border of the player is not more than 40% https://s.mail.ru/CaCg/R4WvQzTnC
- so, for example, for a 1280x720px video, the safe rendering area of VPAID elements is 1280x360px

Example of rendering interactive content:
- in the player OK https://s.mail.ru/LyMr/9NqsKVhgy
- in the MM player. https://s.mail.ru/E8S2/nezXciGKL

Video requirements
  • the timing is from 5 to 30 seconds
  • file up to 10 Mb
  • video resolution - from 640x360px, recommended values 1280x720px, 1920x1080px
  • video format-MP4 (MPEG-4), H. 264 video codecs, AAC audio codec
The video should not mislead the user, it can not contain buttons, duplicating the interface and other elements.
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