Multiformat (type: Images, objective: Premium Network Reach)

Device type: crossdevice format
Platform: Mail.Ru Group projects, advertising network myTarget
Placement: native position, column, full-screen block

Banners are displayed on MRG' sites and on partner sites. Multi-format placement offers a combination of diverse targeting options and greater control of the sites on which ads are displayed.


  • The title should contain no more than 25 symbols, including spaces;
  • The text description should contain no more than 90 symbols, including spaces;
  • The images sizes: 256х256, 1080x607, 300х600, 600х600 pixels;
  • File format: JPG and PNG;
  • Maximum file size: 150 KB;
  • Link: URL to an external resource
Multiformat ad in the feed


Advertisers can customize the list of sites on which their ads can appear.
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