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Financial buttons (type: Banner, objective: Special)

Device type: crossdevice format
Platform: ads service "Youla"
Placement: native format, banner on the product page

Financial buttons – a native format for advertising credits: a banner on product page on "Youla" .

Advertisers can launch separate campaigns to promote products in any categories and subcategories on "Youla".
The product is available only for advertising banking products (credit for goods in the "Youla" card) and related services (subscription to movies, Internet connection, car maintenance, etc.). Opens upon request. To connect the format, write to

How to set up Financial buttons

When setting up ads in the myTarget account, select the sections on "Youla" and set the price range of products that will display ads on the pages. For example, you can only show credit ads to users who are looking for mobile phones, tablets, or TVs that are more expensive than 20,000 rubles on "Youla".

Financial button settings can be combined with campaign settings in myTarget: social and demographic characteristics, interest targeting, contextual targeting, remarketing, etc.

Technical requirement

  • Title — 25 characters
  • Subtitle — 26 characters
  • Icon — 48x48 pix
  • Legal information (optional) — maximum 400 characters


For credits in the "Cars" section, additional get-parameters are transferred to the landing link:
  • brand — manufacturer's brand,
  • image — the first of the ad images,
  • model — car model,
  • price — price.
The loan application can be automatically filled in with data about the car from the page on "Youla", which will reduce the time of filling in the fields by the user and will allow you to increase the conversion rates for companies.

To implement automatic filling, contact the developers of the landing page.
Example of autofill of a credit application when switching from " Youla"


Example of a button for desktop
Example of a button for mobile
Example of a button in the "Youla" mobile app
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