Banner (type: Images, objective: Traffic, Reach)

Device type: desktop format
Platform: social network, VK projects, advertising network myTarget
Placement: column

Ads with large creative, which are mainly used to promote sites.


  • Image in JPG or PNG format, weighing no more than 60 KB. size is 240x400 pixels.

  • The background of the banner should not be transparent, and its contents should occupy the entire allotted area and have a clear border (frame). For regional campaigns, you should leave 21 pixels of free space on top of the banner for the regional sign.

  • The link in the ad can lead to an external resource or group, event, video channel in

  • External codes are not accepted. Also, your ad may be rejected by moderation if it contains interface elements, incompatible and annoying colors, or uses adult only content.

Banners can be independently audited impressions and transitions using the following systems: AdHands, AdFox, AdRiver, DoubleClick, Gemius, Sizmek, Mediascope, Weborama.
Example of a banner ad
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