Banner (type: HTML5, objective: Traffic)

Device type: desktop format
Platform: social network, Mail.Ru Group projects, advertising network myTarget
Placement: column

An ad that includes an animated element.


  • *.zip archive must contain *.html file and all resources used;

  • The following types of resources are allowed *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.css, *.js, *.svg;

  • Maximum size .*zip archive: 150 Kb;

  • Filenames must be in Latin;

  • Text files must be utf-8 encoded;

  • A clickable area with %link1% macro as a target URL is required;

  • Links should open in a new window;

  • The presence of the <meta name = "ad.size"> tag with the size of the creative is required;

  • Should work correctly in browsers: IE 10+, Firefox 14+, Safari 5+, Chrome 18+;

  • For unsupported browsers, you must provide a simplified version of the banner or gif-cap;

  • It is forbidden to access external resources.
Example link code for a single link banner
<a href="%link1%" target="_blank">link1</a>
Example link code for a banner with several links (maximum 5)
<a href="%link1%" target="_blank">link1</a> 
<a href="%link2%" target="_blank">link2</a> 
<a href="%link3%" target="_blank">link3</a> 
<a href="%link4%" target="_blank">link4</a> 
<a href="%link5%" target="_blank">link5</a> 
Example of a meta tag (for a 240x400 banner)
<meta name="ad.size" content="width=240,height=400">
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