Teaser (type: Images, objective: Article Views)

Device type: desktop format
Platform: advertising network myTarget
Placement: native position

Native desktop ads in the format of recommended articles.



  • title - up to 200 characters. The title should be clear and accurately convey the content of the article, and the name of the advertised product should not appear in the title.

  • text - at least 3000 characters. The advertised product must be present in the text of the article as a means of achieving what the article is talking about, in the form of a link to a landing page or to the advertiser's site, to a registration or subscription form, etc. The article should not be frankly advertising in nature and contain clickbate.


  • title - up to 200 characters with spaces;

  • text - up to 500 characters with spaces;

  • 400x300 image in JPG or PNG format.

Teasers for advertising articles

Teasers for advertising articles
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