Requirements for advertising agencies


The Advertiser has at least three unaffiliated Clients to whom it provides services of Advertising Material placement by means of "Target" system (Company's system), located at (hereinafter, the "Target").


The Advertiser guarantees the absence of revenue generating clients (50% of the Advertiser's total turnover)


The Advertiser guarantees that it is a legal entity or sole proprietor of the current official website, with the presence on such a site of information about its advertising services, clients and cases, information about the name and legal address of the Advertiser / or a completed and active VK community (with contacts, examples of works/cases, publications on the wall, a description of the RA, its activities and services, and information about the legal entity ), created at least 3 months ago.


If the Advertiser is provided with any special financial conditions from the Company in connection with provision of the services, the Advertiser shall not disclose any facts concerning such conditions to any third parties. In case of non-fulfillment of this clause (if the Company has information about such non-fulfillment), the Company shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with the Advertiser by sending a notice thereof by e-mail, followed by the original, at least 10 (ten) calendar days prior to the date of termination. 


The Advertiser shall promptly notify its Clients about any and all changes in the conditions of provision of the Company's placement services.


The Company shall be entitled to place information about the Advertiser and the Clients, as well as the Advertiser’s logo provided thereby on the Company's website, to mention the Advertiser and its Clients in research papers, mass media, and to send marketing materials and souvenirs to the Advertiser. The Advertiser assures that it possesses the necessary scope of rights and permissions required for the use of such information.


Should the Advertiser violate the provisions above, the Company shall be entitled to unilaterally repudiate from the Agreement by sending a notice thereof to the Advertiser without reimbursing any losses to the Advertiser.


Responsible lawyer: ekaterina.kuznetsova@mail.msk(ekaterina.kuznetsova@mail.msk)

Prepared by: Oksana Lisina

Version: 10.07.2020